Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stained Doors with painted trim?

Went to the site again today (and yesterday! :)  saw that the facade has been moroka'd and painted already except for one tiny bit which will have a different color.

One thing I noticed though is the color of the external doors.  I didn't expect it to have painted trims!  I definitely said stained for the doors but didn't know that they will paint the trim instead.  We'll meet with the painter tomorrow to settle our account (for the feature wall we agreed for him to do for us) and I will definitely ask him if he can still stain the trim despite being painted.

Picture of the external door.  Is it just me or the door looks silly really because of the painted trim?

Here are some more photos taken by my husband this arvo:

The blue horizontal thing will be painted Taubmans Twiggy T111-4W

Little Kaden's room - hmmmm I thought the skirting should not be painted like the feature wall?  thoughts anyone?

Masters' bedroom - feature wall yet to be painted

Little Alana's room - feature wall

The rumpus room

Balustrades now stained

Stairs now stained too

The silly looking doors - painted trim on a stained door?

The kitchen cupboards - all white!  I wonder if I made the right choice for the splash back (red glass!!)

The Media room - feature wall will be the same as the masters'

Kitchen again

Formal lounge - no feature wall yet.. will just put paintings and mirror! :)


  1. Painted trim is perfectly OK. But if it's not the look you are after & it's bothering you now, change it. Believe me it will bother you more & more if you don't change it!

  2. Hi southies...thanks for assuring it's a common thing..I did some research about woods that's better off painted than stained and found that although we can still have it stained the wood will have obvious marks since it is not solid but rather, pieces of wood joined together (sorry I couldnt be more technical in my explanation)... so we went back to the site this morning and looked at it closely, it looks better than the first time we saw it as they've finished applying all 3 coates.. and although our selection sheet says we've picked it to be stained my husband and I decided to keep it as it is... in a way we think it's better that way to give the whole front entry door a bit of a break rather than one big timber look with 12 square glasses on..

  3. You need to determine whether your Variation states a charge for stain-grade timber or paint-grade timber.

    Either stain-grade architraves were installed & painted over
    you had paint-grade installed, which should be cheaper.

    Either way, you are entitled to a credit.

  4. thanks for the info!! we did get a credit for picking a timber door over the glass doors - this is what's in our PCV..

    i'll just ask them about the type of timber they used for the trim though..