Monday, February 21, 2011

Practical Completion Inspection Booked!

Got a very exciting news from our SS today - they will be ready for the Practical Completion Inspection early next week!  yeyyy!!  I was feeling pretty low for failing my glucose test today, but this email from our SS put a smile on my face! :)  He also sent me a form called "Application for Occupation Certificate" to fill out.

According to our SS, Settlement will take place around 2 to 3 weeks after the Practical Completion Inspection! :))


  1. Yep, that time frame sounds about right, as long as you don't find major things needing rectification.

  2. What a great news! The keys to your new house will be in your hands in no time!

  3. hey southies.. was told by our CSA that we'll have another inspection with her after our PCI with our SS.. i guess that's the last one is it?

  4. hi christophe! it was nice meeting ur lovely family! btw, do you have peter's number by any chance? we need to talk to him about fencing.. thanks :)

  5. Hi alanamaree,

    Yes it was nice meeting you. The kids will have a great time playing together once we all moved in.

    I have PM'ed you Peter's phone on Homeone. Check your message box!

  6. thanks christophe! we met with the davis' this evening.

    have they told you about the kind of fence they want? the lap and cap fence with metal posts and cap..