Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And my fussiness begins..

I really don't want to bother our SS much, but since we're reaching the end of our build, I thought it's worth while to raise with him any issue that we may find.  We love what they have delivered so far, plus how our SS makes sure there's some action happening in our site everyday!  We couldn't be happier with Eden Brae's performance!!

We went to our site this arvo to see what's new, yep, we trust our SS so much that we knew there will always be something new everyday, it's just a matter of knowing what that is! :)

And here's what we found.  You'll be seeing whinge in some of it hehehe:

  • Tiling of the remaining tiled areas are done.  The tilers did a great job!!

  • Decorative screen in rumpus done but I didn't quite like how it's done by genneral stairs.  I sent this photo to our SS hoping it'll be fixed even before the hand over.

There's a missing timber on the left side.. the screens have yet to be stained

  • Balcony balustrades installed - with these there's only one decorative screen that's left for genneral stairs to install, the one in the powder room.  of course they have to fix the rumpus screens too!

  • External Video intercom installed - there are some deep scratches on the side of this unit which I have raised with our SS too.. 

  • Uneven floor in the formal lounge - this is one of the items we raised with our SS too

  • Cracked concrete in the formal lounge floor - another item we raised with our SS before it gets covered with a carpet..

  • The garage lights installed

  • Laundry door.  Our SS marked the items to be fixed with green papers like the one on the wall :)
  • My daughter running around our new home.. this is how I imagine it to be, my kids running around the house.. what a beautiful sight.. :)

  • The staircase - the steps will be carpeted.
  • A day after the above photos are taken, we found that the driveway is already done.  Our driveway and the shared driveway needs a lot of cleaning!

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