Monday, January 31, 2011

Stage 6 (Practical Completion) Tasks

OK! So the tilers have finished almost all tiled areas except for the kitchen, family room, and hallway (I think it has to be painted first before they can complete it).  Thanks mr. tilers!!

This morning we met with the painter and his crew to discuss about feature walls. :)  We didn't upgrade the paint during tender cause we're satisfied with what's on display which is actually a standard for Windsor!  The plan really was to have the feature wall after settlement but since this option is available, and so we won't have painting going on with our new born baby around we thought we'd just do it now!  We've decided to upgrade the paints to a 3-coats washable taubmans wall paint, we thought it would be a good investment, in case our little ones decide to be artistic and write on the wall at least we can easily remove it! :)

For the master's bedroom and the media room we picked the "ibiza brown" for the feature wall.  For the kids' room I've picked baby pink (not sure about the name but it's taubman's) for Alana, and smoked grass blue for Kaden (the little one on the way.  For the first time I've picked a non-earth colour! :)

The painter said they should be done painting the whole house by Saturday! :)  I think it's feasible cause there were 5 painters there this morning doing the job!! :)

More pictures of what we saw in our home today:

Main ensuite's vanity

Shower niche in the main ensuite

My little man's bathroom vanity

My little princess' bathroom vanity

The sink is yet to be installed - ground floor's powder room
Upstairs' Balcony is now tiled (picture of the tiler in action)
All bench tops installed
Porch tiles installed

Mr. Clark in the laundry! :)
Alfresco tiles installed

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More updates!!!

I just tried my luck this arvo to see if there are any work going on our site at 5pm.  Saw the white van that I have been seeing for the past 3 weeks - yep it's the tilers!!  =))

About lunch time I got a call from Di Lorenzo telling me that "there was a problem" regarding the glass mosaic we've picked for the bathtub hub.  Since our tub is oval, they are not able to lay it horizontally as you cannot really bend the tiles, of course! :)  I didn't care, really, as long as it's gonna be done beautifully then I'm happy! And besides, I don't expect them to perform a miracle and bend a glass mosaic just to make me happy! hehehhe...   I can be pleased very easily, as long as I'm told the truth and still get a good quality for what we've paid for then I'm fine! :)

Anyway, back to the 5pm drive around the house.  I've decided to go inside and take more pictures and after only a couple of days I was so glad to see that they have started tiling the ground floor!! :)  They are doing a really good job, and I'm talking about ONLY 2 men tiling the whole house (well, the tiled area that is)!!  Upstairs I saw this gentleman holding on to his back, he's a bit surprised to see me heheheh.. the poor guy was having back pain :( according to him, I've picked a tile that is very difficult to install (the glass mosaic) which is actually installed one single piece at a time!! (picture of the glass mosaic below)

The glass mosaic for the bath tub hub and niche - this one is chipped, saw this on the  floor :)
 I did another walk around the house, checked every single room. And here's a funny story, I was looking down while walking to avoid tripping on any object, then headed towards a door.  I looked up and didn't know where I was, I got a bit nervous trying to find my way out.  pppfffff!! I got lost in my own house!!!! hehehe..  Anyway, I was able to take more photos this time (below). (Sorry guys I'm too sleepy to put a caption on each photo.. just let them speak for themselves and tell us what they are ok?) i might come back to this blog and update it with caption next time hehehe

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A visit to our new home

I've finally managed to visit our new home during business hours.  I've been wanting to go there to see what's being done inside, rather than guessing if someone's done something based on the position of the gate. :)

Tiler told me that they'll likely be finished tiling all tiled areas by next week! I'm actually not holding on to it cause from what I saw I think tiling is going a bit slow as there's not much changed from the last time I checked.  Oh well, I'm not a tiler and I don't have a slight clue how long tiling should really take, maybe they're just on the right pace.

Photos I've taken this arvo:

Main ensuite: Floor tiles done.  One of the tilers working on something

Shower room in the main ensuite.  I believe this is the water proofing..

ensuite 2: wall tiling done except for the niche.  one of the tilers working on something.

ensuite 3: wall tiling done.. niche to go

ensuite 3: other side of the shower wall

ensuite 4: water proofing done.. only floor tiles done - still the same floor tiles I saw before christmas

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Five-week shutdown, NOT!

Happy 2011 everyone!  I have been very lazy to update my blog even though I have exciting news to share... I think pregnancy's causing that! hehehe

Anyway, now that I'm back, I thought I'd share some excellent news first regarding the pregnancy - our baby is A-OK despite my severe bout of chicken pox and other complications earlier on the pregnancy!  The doctor has another great news for us, our dream of having a boy this time is finally coming true! Alana is so excited to meet her baby brother!! :)  Yep we are having a healthy baby boy!!!  :)  Thank God!! :)

OK, so going back to the build.  We're quite surprised to see the carpenter working until christmas eve, went inside the house and saw him working on the cornice.  Straight after boxing day, we thought we'd drive pass the site just to look at the house (hehehhe - obsess much?) and to our surprise we saw the hard working carpenter again doing his bit!  We're so impressed, he continued working until 30 of December!

Again, as part of our routine, my husband decided to drive past the site straight after new year holiday (4 January) and found the tilers working on our house!! Wow!! I think they're pretty serious about getting us in before march! (fingers crossed)  

I'm not sure after that though cause we haven't got the chance to visit the site during business hours as husband and I have been both busy with work.  I'm only guessing that they still do cause I saw the pile of cement in front of our house changing constantly (we still do our after drive :) ).  Another reason for thinking that is the email I received from Abbey Shutters and Blinds (this is the company that Home Options Gallery referred to us during the selection - we've decided to go ahead with them because we want to have our blinds installed prior to settlement.  We've got massive wall glasses on our facade so we thought it'd be more appropriate to have it installed prior to us moving for privacy reasons)  that they are now able to perform a check measure on our home for window coverings!! :)  According to the lovely lady at Abbey our SS informed her that!!  :)

So far so happy with EB's performance!! I just hope they'll continue on with that pace! :)