Monday, January 31, 2011

Stage 6 (Practical Completion) Tasks

OK! So the tilers have finished almost all tiled areas except for the kitchen, family room, and hallway (I think it has to be painted first before they can complete it).  Thanks mr. tilers!!

This morning we met with the painter and his crew to discuss about feature walls. :)  We didn't upgrade the paint during tender cause we're satisfied with what's on display which is actually a standard for Windsor!  The plan really was to have the feature wall after settlement but since this option is available, and so we won't have painting going on with our new born baby around we thought we'd just do it now!  We've decided to upgrade the paints to a 3-coats washable taubmans wall paint, we thought it would be a good investment, in case our little ones decide to be artistic and write on the wall at least we can easily remove it! :)

For the master's bedroom and the media room we picked the "ibiza brown" for the feature wall.  For the kids' room I've picked baby pink (not sure about the name but it's taubman's) for Alana, and smoked grass blue for Kaden (the little one on the way.  For the first time I've picked a non-earth colour! :)

The painter said they should be done painting the whole house by Saturday! :)  I think it's feasible cause there were 5 painters there this morning doing the job!! :)

More pictures of what we saw in our home today:

Main ensuite's vanity

Shower niche in the main ensuite

My little man's bathroom vanity

My little princess' bathroom vanity

The sink is yet to be installed - ground floor's powder room
Upstairs' Balcony is now tiled (picture of the tiler in action)
All bench tops installed
Porch tiles installed

Mr. Clark in the laundry! :)
Alfresco tiles installed


  1. Looks great! You'll need some techno music from Ibiza to play in the media room to carry on the theme:)

  2. gosh you're getting close with the house, very exciting! When is little Kaden due to arrive?

  3. thanks sandy! :) your house is looking great too! wish we can move at the same time.. :)

    hi rachael!! it is very exciting! :) i'm booked for a C-S on the 18th of May.. :))