Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A visit to our new home

I've finally managed to visit our new home during business hours.  I've been wanting to go there to see what's being done inside, rather than guessing if someone's done something based on the position of the gate. :)

Tiler told me that they'll likely be finished tiling all tiled areas by next week! I'm actually not holding on to it cause from what I saw I think tiling is going a bit slow as there's not much changed from the last time I checked.  Oh well, I'm not a tiler and I don't have a slight clue how long tiling should really take, maybe they're just on the right pace.

Photos I've taken this arvo:

Main ensuite: Floor tiles done.  One of the tilers working on something

Shower room in the main ensuite.  I believe this is the water proofing..

ensuite 2: wall tiling done except for the niche.  one of the tilers working on something.

ensuite 3: wall tiling done.. niche to go

ensuite 3: other side of the shower wall

ensuite 4: water proofing done.. only floor tiles done - still the same floor tiles I saw before christmas


  1. How many bathrooms ??????? OMG, you'll have to hire a cleaner. lol

    Hope the tiling goes quickly for you. All lookin' good nevertheless!

  2. Hi Olga,

    Good to see some progress. Guess that sometimes you get very surprised at how much they have done and then other times we get deflated at the lack of work.
    Not long now and you'll be in and having a shower in 4 bathrooms he he.
    What's next after the tiling?

  3. lol @ southies!! i'm used to it by now.. we have 3.5 t&b in our current house but only used the 1.5.. but i still clean all of them (dusting for the unused ones).. i just made them a bit bigger than the current ones and added 1 more... :D this time our kids' ensuites will remain unused until their big enough to clean them!! =D

    hey sandy!! thanks.. how did you go with the fence quotes? btw :D