Friday, September 10, 2010

Frames Up!

It didn't take long for those tradies to complete the frames.. well done!!  Not sure if it's officially "complete" but from what I saw it looks complete to me.. lol..  Now, it's just a matter of days till I receive the next invoice, then I can say it's officially done.. :D

yay! it actually feels good seeing eden brae's logo on our site fence..  them being one of the best builders in town lol :D
oh no! my little girl will not be happy when she finds out we can't go inside the site anymore.. she likes running and hopping on the slab... :)

yey!! frames complete! (on another note the frames on the side of our house are sandrine and craigs he he yep, we're next door neighbours alright!)
our home from another angle

another photo

and again...

The End!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Frames

Finally, after a very busy week (of preparation and the actual party celebrating my baby's 2nd birthday - Happy Birthday my dearest Alana!) I now have time to upload the frames' photos!

Frames delivered some time last week, well, we got in trouble with the neighbour for these frames being delivered at 5:30am!  Yeah, we understand the disappointment.  I had to walk Lana away from my husband and the angry neighbour who was cursing and having a go at us - I didn't want my daughter hear any swearing that's all, and I didn't want her to see anyone shouting at either of us, her parents so as she won't lose respect for any of us.  Anyway, neighbour's point taken (even though it was not our fault that trucks came in that early) and advised our site supervisor about this to avoid this thing from happening again!

Went the following day and saw this...

...the next day it was this..

Front view...

Side view..

I wonder why it doesn't look as big as the display home?  We're pretty sure we signed up for exactly the same as the one on display except for the third garage.  We picked high ceilings for both ground and first floor, however it still look lower than the one on display.  The front door's height is lower than the one on display too... Or maybe it is too early to say given that we just have the frames??  lol