Sunday, June 19, 2011

Interior decorating spree!!

It's been a while since I last visited my blog.  Oh well, what can you expect, with a 2 year-old and a new born at home I'm lucky getting at least one whole hour spare time for myself.  I'm not complaining though, just saying! :)

On those one hour free I get once in a while, I make sure I go to Rouse Hill to get something for the house (on top of my kids' stuff of course).  I have this new fave shop called Home Obsession - yep, the name is quite perfect for what I have currently. :)  Shopping helps me battle postpartum depression, I guess.. not that I'm justifying my daily trip to my fave shop! lol

Anyway, aside from taking advantage of the EOFYS, I'm also so grateful for having found a new friend.  My kid, Alana, and I are enjoying the company of Sandy and her kids every week (well, almost).

OK, so going back to interior decorating, here's what I've done so far:

The hallway console

Hallway console in detail - I've been thinking about what to put on our console.  I've got 2 more consoles in the other rooms to decorate.

Masters Bedroom Balcony.  The 3 piece setting is called an Indo vase.

Dining room - found this clock in the shops.. loved it.. had a hard time mounting it cause of the high wall, but I finally made it. :)

I changed the decors a bit.  The art work that I had here previously was a bit to light, thus, making the room look so dull.  I've decided to have red accent around the house.  

Media room - I love these art works.  Again, earth colours plus the red accent.

That's the masters' bedroom door.  I've finally managed to find a suitable vase for the space.

 I have finished organizing everything but am still looking for more decors to put around the house.  I'm happy with what I have added so far.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Next stop, the Landscaping Project

We're supposed to start our landscaping project weeks ago, but with the rain that comes and goes, our landscaper have decided to push it back a bit. 

This is very exciting for us, cause we've been dreaming of seeing our daughter running around our backyard, rolling on the lawn, or probably jumping on a trumpoline.  The fact that we're having our baby boy in less than 3 weeks also makes us want to have that landscaping project completed, (and hopefully, including the fence).  I'm scheduled to have my C-Section on the 18th of May, and it gets me worried thinking about all the noise the landscaping machines might bring while I'm trying to establish a healthy routine for my little boy.  I had been successful developing Alana's routine when she's a little baby, so she's been a good sleeper ever since, sleeping from before 6:00 pm until about 8:30 am straight!!  Plus 4 hour-nap each day.  I'm hoping to do the same to my little boy so whoever's gonna look after him when I'm back at work won't have a hard time... and of course, sleep plays a significant role in babies' brain development as we all know! :))  Another reason why we'd like everything done, (hopefully) is the fact that I'm having that C-S and won't be able to go to parks for my new born to get his morning dose of vitamin D.  I'm hoping to be able to take him in the backyard every morning for this, but without the landscape and fence, this will be too risky because of our yard's current condition (which is very steep at the moment).

Our landscaper told us that they'll start on Monday, 2 May (or Tuesday), and if all works well, it will be finished in three weeks' time (hopefully, before my new born and myself goes home from the hospital).

Just a recap from my previous post about our landscape project, we will be having a water feature in the backyard (this is just an added feature, I'm more keen to have our block levelled and lawned, and fence installed because of the above items. :)).  We'll also be having a bbq area which will be a combination of bricks, timber, and ceasarstone, and of course the bbq insert.  On my previous post, I have mentioned we'll just be having a garden edging at the back, but we've decided to put a retaining wall instead because of the slope.  This retaining wall will serve as an extra feature too and we'll use them as a planter box where all our hedge will be planted as per our council approved plan.  All these retaining walls have pushed our landscaping cost to $40,000 without the fence and side gates.  We can't complain, it's what the council has required (i.e. retaining walls), we just had to pick a better material so it will make our garden beautiful rather than just have them as part of the requirement.  Anyway, we're still happy with this price, as I've said in my previous post we were quoted $10,000+ more than that despite obviously using cheaper materials. 

Anyway, while I'm trying to ignore all the aches and pains in this late stages of pregnancy, I've been occupied with decorating my little boy's room.  Here are some photos of his room:

His room is waiting for my little boy

The glider chair, this will help me in developing a good sleeping pattern for my little man.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Beaumont Hills Residents!

Yep! We are official residents of THSC! :)

After a couple of weeks of moving in to our new home, I've only got the chance to be in front of a laptop again!  I have been sick and busy at the same time!!  Yes, pregnancy is still giving me the toughest times, moving in to our new home actually has served me good so far - it keeps me busy and helps divert my mind to exciting things rather than stressful ones.  I have all sorts of pregnancy related complications - it's good though that it is just me and not the little fighter inside me.  That is something to be grateful of!

Anyway, I had been busy decorating our new home, and cleaning the marks of deliveries too!  The most number of rectifications are minor electrical things, and minor painting touch ups too which have all been fixed.  Other than that, Eden Brae have delivered an excellent quality end result for us and we couldn't be happier!

OK - so what have I done with the rooms?  here goes the photos.. :)

Dining Room

Family Room

Husband's Walk-in

The kitchen - splashback is brown but looks purple with the light

Alana busy with her art work

Alana's walk-in

Still Alana's walk-in

Media room

Still in the media room

Formal lounge

Powder room

That's about it for now, I still haven't got the chance to take photos of the other rooms.  I need to get more energy to at least get through taking photos too (yes, i am that exhausted!)  We are also waiting for other small furnitures to be available (according to nick scali lady, 2 of our consoles and a side table were pinched in the warehouse and sold to another customer so we have to wait till end of april for the new ones to come), I'll be putting one console in the media room (under the portraits), and the other one in the hallway.

Anyway, we are also hopeful to start landscaping soon as it feels weird seeing strangers walking around our backyard (and sides) everyday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Moving in a week's time!

Finally, our daily trips to our building site is almost over as this thing we call "building site" will soon be our "home"! :)

Today we have met with the kitchen glass splashback company to allow us to re-think our colour selection.  I think what they did was excellent!  I got a bit worried when I saw all the colours coming together, I've picked earth colours for everything except the red splashback originally.  I thought it was too late and just told myself that I'll just change it after a couple of years or so.  But then the lady from Forstan rang me and told me that a guy from the glass splashback company needs to meet me at the site while he's doing the measurement so I can revisit my colour selection!  Thanks Forstan!!  I was then able to see the actual colour of the sample glass and how it will look like when mixed with my other colours.  I've picked Espresso this time and it looks so much better with the other colours I think!!

During the selection process with Forstan, we were told that the range hood will be removed after settlement for the splashback measurement then we will have to re-install it once the splashback is up.  However, the lady from Forstan who rang me yesterday said that Eden Brae rang them and wants our splashback done quickly!  Eden Brae is amazing!! :)

On site today, aside from the splashback guy, are other guys from Forstan Kitchen, and our Site Supervisor.  I saw one installing my little rubbish bin on the bench top. :)  I thought it was a good idea to ask SS about the timber chopping board that slides in to the sink.  He then asked the Forstan guy about it, and he said it might still be in their office as they don't leave lose materials on site as anyone can easily grab it.

To our surprise, we saw our SS doing the dirty job! :)  I thought he should just be supervising and instructing people to do stuff, but he was actually working on some items as well!  Our SS is just too wonderful!!!

Our SS has also told us about the big list that he sent to the electricals company as they forgot to install a lot of items.  "Electricals" is one of the things that we upgraded massively apart from the kitchen and the facade.  Some of the items that needs to be installed still are the Up-down lights on both pillars of the garage, and the motion detector sensor too.  The 3 pendant lights in the kitchen aren't there yet - they have installed 3 standard light fittings there which I thought was deliberate (so as the pendant lights won't get stolen) but I just found out that it was a mistake.  Some other items need to be installed.  Mr. SS told us that the electricians will be on site on Monday to install the remaining items.

On Wednesday, Abbey Shutters and Blinds will install all window coverings.  We have chosen double blinds for all windows, alfresco and balcony doors.  These will be combination of blackout roller and a Sunscreen roller, and double sheer (only because I want both sides to have the sheer texture rather than just the plain white on one side).  On the same day, other stuff like all kitchen appliances, air-conditioning unit and control panels will be installed.  Then the settlement day on the following day!!  :))

On our contract we have included wall mounting of all our T.V.s, our SS told us that instead of having them installed prior to settlement, he will just send the electricians after settlement to wall mount our T.V's. This is so they won't get stolen.

OK - so all is going smoothly with Eden Brae build.  I have started organizing deliveries and removalist too!  Here are the items on my list:

  • Other kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Removalist - for this weekend! :)
  • Furnitures - we've replaced most of our furnitures to give a better look to the new house.  We are still keeping some that will match our new furnitures.  And since our current house is half the size of the new one, we had to buy more stuff.  
  • Beds
  • Outdoor Furnitures
Aside from the above, I still have to organize quotes for our balcony privacy screen.  I think we'll have to do that after our landscape though so that we can still save some cash for it.  We have to give ourselves some time to rest from all those spending I guess!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PCI and Tyrells Property Inspections Report

Horay!! The PCI went well! :) There are no major issues nor defect, most of them are just paint touch ups, and some small holes (as in, a small nail holes) that needs patching then re-painting.  Other items that we raised that needs fixing (or to be completed) include the following:

  • incorrect and missing light fittings in the kitchen, dining, void, and driveway.  The electricians have installed the necessary wirings - they have just not installed the light fittings and we thought they'll do it before settlement but our SS told us he will still raise it with the electricals company.
  • blanco soho bin not installed
  • melamine shelvings in all walk-ins, linen cupboards, and pantry
  • glazing beads in most some windows
  • sealing the corner glazing of the study windows
  • site cleaning (external - as most cleaning have been done already)

We went past our new home this arvo and found that EB had already worked on the patching of those small holes, so the painter just needs to come by and touch up the paint.  It will just be a quick job since the painter painted the whole house in just about less than a week!!

We also received a comprehensive Inspection report from Tyrrells detailing the issues needing rectification.  These issues are consistent to what we've found but in more detail.  Eden Brae will fix all of those issues then have Tyrells re-inspect the site for a QA certification!  This is part of Eden Brae Homes' Quality Assurance Program which we think is excellent!

Once fixed, we will have a final inspection with our SS, then on the same day we will have to go straight to the head office to hand in our final payment and get the keys to our new home!! And since issues are minor, this will all happen in 2 weeks time!!  yey!!!

As I have mentioned in my previous post, we will have EB's plumber to install other kitchen appliances that we bought from a retailer on the day they will install those that are part of our package.  I have advised Bing Lee about this but they cannot give me an exact time of delivery.  :(  Anyway, this will happen on 16 March!  Yey!! :)  To avoid the hassle, my husband and I have included installation of our T.V's in all rooms we want them installed.  So we'll have our 3D t.v. for the media room delivered on the same day so EB's electrician can install it the same day they will install the remaining light fittings.  We will just have to bring our other t.v's to the site for the electricians to wall mount them on the same day too.  Since we're gonna have those appliances installed I'm trying to organize Abbey Shutters and Blinds to install our window coverings on the same day as well and it looks like it's all gonna happen.  :)  I think we'll have to sleep in the house on that night too!  We'll still have to let Nick Scali and Sleeping Giant know of a delivery date for our furnitures but in the meantime, we will be so glad to sleep even on the carpet!! hehehehe...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Practical Completion Inspection Booked!

Got a very exciting news from our SS today - they will be ready for the Practical Completion Inspection early next week!  yeyyy!!  I was feeling pretty low for failing my glucose test today, but this email from our SS put a smile on my face! :)  He also sent me a form called "Application for Occupation Certificate" to fill out.

According to our SS, Settlement will take place around 2 to 3 weeks after the Practical Completion Inspection! :))

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And my fussiness begins..

I really don't want to bother our SS much, but since we're reaching the end of our build, I thought it's worth while to raise with him any issue that we may find.  We love what they have delivered so far, plus how our SS makes sure there's some action happening in our site everyday!  We couldn't be happier with Eden Brae's performance!!

We went to our site this arvo to see what's new, yep, we trust our SS so much that we knew there will always be something new everyday, it's just a matter of knowing what that is! :)

And here's what we found.  You'll be seeing whinge in some of it hehehe:

  • Tiling of the remaining tiled areas are done.  The tilers did a great job!!

  • Decorative screen in rumpus done but I didn't quite like how it's done by genneral stairs.  I sent this photo to our SS hoping it'll be fixed even before the hand over.

There's a missing timber on the left side.. the screens have yet to be stained

  • Balcony balustrades installed - with these there's only one decorative screen that's left for genneral stairs to install, the one in the powder room.  of course they have to fix the rumpus screens too!

  • External Video intercom installed - there are some deep scratches on the side of this unit which I have raised with our SS too.. 

  • Uneven floor in the formal lounge - this is one of the items we raised with our SS too

  • Cracked concrete in the formal lounge floor - another item we raised with our SS before it gets covered with a carpet..

  • The garage lights installed

  • Laundry door.  Our SS marked the items to be fixed with green papers like the one on the wall :)
  • My daughter running around our new home.. this is how I imagine it to be, my kids running around the house.. what a beautiful sight.. :)

  • The staircase - the steps will be carpeted.
  • A day after the above photos are taken, we found that the driveway is already done.  Our driveway and the shared driveway needs a lot of cleaning!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Most light fittings done!

We went to the site this afternoon to meet up with a fencing guy who'll organize a quote for us.  While waiting for the fence guy hubby and I decided to wander around the house and found that the laundry door was left open.  Yep, it was open! I had to sms our SS about this as there are so many things installed already and that might be stolen.

Anyway, we went in and found that most of the light fittings are already installed. For the kitchen, we found 3 ordinary light fittings aside from the down lights, these 3 will be replaced by a crampton pendant light 24298 during hand over.  Most of the down lights are installed, except for some maybe.  However, we saw that an oyster light had been installed in the dining.  I thought it was a mistake cause I remember upgrading it to a pendant light as well.  I did check our electrical selection sheet and found that it should be a crampton pendant light 24280.  They have to replace that oyster light, I hope it won't leave holes on the ceiling though! Oh well, they'll fix it for sure if it does! :)

OK - so far here's what we've got:

Front door with handles

Tiling on the tiled areas have also started

Kitchen and family room floor tiles

Down lights in the family room - that light near the ducted air outlet will be replaced with a pendant light

Dining room's ceiling hehehe hubby is not quite good in photography! hehehe..  the oyster light should be replaced by a pendant light as well
Crampton Pendant Light 24280 - this is the light that they should've installed in the dining room

The linen cupboards in the first floor - I like our cupboard doors better than the ones in display which are plain doors

in my daughter's ensuite.. we'll have this in all 3 ensuites, and a 4 light-heater in the main ensuite

all towel railings and toilet roll holders are already installed too

Down lights in the media room...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More "electrifying" photos!!

Photos of more electrical happenings. =))  There's always new photos to post everyday and I can't think of anymore title! hehehe!!

We had mounting of our t.v.'s included in our electrical selections, and brackets (and the t.v.'s of course) have to be supplied by us.  Our SS advised us to meet with the electricians to give them the brackets.  Husband went there this morning and was advised that they will install them on the day of hand over so as it won't get stolen.  Yup, makes a lot of sense!! :)  We also purchased some kitchen appliances that are not included in our package, and we'll have them installed by Eden Brae's plumber - it will cost us only $100 for them to install the dish drawer whereas, Bing Lee's referral will charge us a lot more (from experience, back in 2005, I was charged $250 to install a gas stove in my old house).  We'll let them install the trim kit for the microwave too - but i'm not sure if they'll even charge us for this.  We'll ask all appliances to be delivered on hand over date as well so the plumber will be on site.

Anyway, photos below were taken this morning..

my little man's shower room - grouting must done on the corner!

my little miss' shower room - more grouting please

the range hood.. glass splash back will be installed on settlement day

spare room

spare room's shower - yup, and more grouting needed here
alarm control panel, and more clipsal switches

ground floor's video intercom (another monitor will be installed upstairs), and more switch

more switch to be installed