Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Beaumont Hills Residents!

Yep! We are official residents of THSC! :)

After a couple of weeks of moving in to our new home, I've only got the chance to be in front of a laptop again!  I have been sick and busy at the same time!!  Yes, pregnancy is still giving me the toughest times, moving in to our new home actually has served me good so far - it keeps me busy and helps divert my mind to exciting things rather than stressful ones.  I have all sorts of pregnancy related complications - it's good though that it is just me and not the little fighter inside me.  That is something to be grateful of!

Anyway, I had been busy decorating our new home, and cleaning the marks of deliveries too!  The most number of rectifications are minor electrical things, and minor painting touch ups too which have all been fixed.  Other than that, Eden Brae have delivered an excellent quality end result for us and we couldn't be happier!

OK - so what have I done with the rooms?  here goes the photos.. :)

Dining Room

Family Room

Husband's Walk-in

The kitchen - splashback is brown but looks purple with the light

Alana busy with her art work

Alana's walk-in

Still Alana's walk-in

Media room

Still in the media room

Formal lounge

Powder room

That's about it for now, I still haven't got the chance to take photos of the other rooms.  I need to get more energy to at least get through taking photos too (yes, i am that exhausted!)  We are also waiting for other small furnitures to be available (according to nick scali lady, 2 of our consoles and a side table were pinched in the warehouse and sold to another customer so we have to wait till end of april for the new ones to come), I'll be putting one console in the media room (under the portraits), and the other one in the hallway.

Anyway, we are also hopeful to start landscaping soon as it feels weird seeing strangers walking around our backyard (and sides) everyday.


  1. Congratulatios guy's! I have been following you since day one and am so jealous that you have moved in.
    Good luck with the remainder of the pregnancy ( we had our twins just over two weeks ago ) and I am sure you will have many years of enjoyment to come.
    You have built a house but have made it a home.
    Congratulations again!

  2. Love it, love it, love it!!!! Congratulations on your beautiful new home! How gorgeous is that pink wall in your little girl's room?

  3. Congratulations! It looks stunning (and beautifully familiar!) It does take time to get settled in, but I'm sure everything will go so smoothly (just like building with EB) Now just enjoy!!

  4. Love your house, drive past it everyday on my way to and from work. You have done such a good job on the decor. Keep well and look after your health. We are really happy with EB so far as well. Hope our end result is as good as yours. Take care!

  5. thank you so much for your kind words everyone!! :)

    @dozer - wow twins!! congratulations!!! what wonderful blessings!! i was silently hoping for a girl & boy twins but it's not in our genes hehehe.. anyway, I'm having a boy on the 18th of May so that will give me one of each (alana now, and kaden next)

    @karla - that's alana's personal choice hehehe.. we let her picked everything for her room (well, we gave her options hehe) like her bed, we asked her to pick among 3 other options.. it's funny though that we asked her to pick between 2 dora the explorer rugs (a purple one and a pink one). I was hoping she'd pick the purple one cause her room is too pink already because of the feature wall and the bed but she still picked the pink one..

    @angie - thanks love! I'm also hoping for the rest to be as smooth as the build (esp the remaining weeks of pregnancy.. and more so my scheduled C-Section)

    @thigee - thanks a lot!! i wonder if you have steve ryan as your SS (sorry not sure if i asked you already - memory issue is one of the many complications i'm having.. really..**sigh**) if he is then rest assured that it'd be doubly OK!! :)))

  6. Yes, we have Stephen Ryan as our SS and after speaking to him last Friday for the first time, I am feeling very confident. He seems very well organised and was so friendly.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!! You're in!! When did that happen?

    Congrats on your move- so exciting to have everything in place, too.....the first few weeks are fabulous aren't they?

    Yes, I know how you feel about people walking around your house. Before we had our fence up, we felt soooo exposed. Thankfully, we've got lovely neighbours - good way to make them. lol


  8. thigee- yes steve is very well organized!! he scheduled
    jobs ahead of time and he made sure there's a job scheduled on each day.. he gave us heads up when tradies would call and gave us enough info.. i would request him as SS again if ever we're gonna build with EB in the near future (a smaller one for investment we're thinking)..

    southies- thanks! we settled on the 18th of march and moved in the following day.. we were able to organize removals ahead of time bcoz our SS was able to commit toma timeframe.. :))

    in our case, we dont have neighbours yet except for the existing ones.. so imagine the number of tradies who around our house.. in the morning when i open the sliding door in the alfresco i'd see guys standing in the alfresco area.. and when i open the laundry blinds i see another set of tradies walking around hehehe... it could've been nice if it were the neighbours, nice opportunity to meet and be friends with them hehehe

  9. Congratulations to you guys. House and decor looks wonderful. Not long now and our tradies will finish and we will get a date. We've got PCI set for Monday.So we'll be neighbours very soon. We will def see you before Kaden arrives and I can make you a cuppa.