Friday, March 11, 2011

Moving in a week's time!

Finally, our daily trips to our building site is almost over as this thing we call "building site" will soon be our "home"! :)

Today we have met with the kitchen glass splashback company to allow us to re-think our colour selection.  I think what they did was excellent!  I got a bit worried when I saw all the colours coming together, I've picked earth colours for everything except the red splashback originally.  I thought it was too late and just told myself that I'll just change it after a couple of years or so.  But then the lady from Forstan rang me and told me that a guy from the glass splashback company needs to meet me at the site while he's doing the measurement so I can revisit my colour selection!  Thanks Forstan!!  I was then able to see the actual colour of the sample glass and how it will look like when mixed with my other colours.  I've picked Espresso this time and it looks so much better with the other colours I think!!

During the selection process with Forstan, we were told that the range hood will be removed after settlement for the splashback measurement then we will have to re-install it once the splashback is up.  However, the lady from Forstan who rang me yesterday said that Eden Brae rang them and wants our splashback done quickly!  Eden Brae is amazing!! :)

On site today, aside from the splashback guy, are other guys from Forstan Kitchen, and our Site Supervisor.  I saw one installing my little rubbish bin on the bench top. :)  I thought it was a good idea to ask SS about the timber chopping board that slides in to the sink.  He then asked the Forstan guy about it, and he said it might still be in their office as they don't leave lose materials on site as anyone can easily grab it.

To our surprise, we saw our SS doing the dirty job! :)  I thought he should just be supervising and instructing people to do stuff, but he was actually working on some items as well!  Our SS is just too wonderful!!!

Our SS has also told us about the big list that he sent to the electricals company as they forgot to install a lot of items.  "Electricals" is one of the things that we upgraded massively apart from the kitchen and the facade.  Some of the items that needs to be installed still are the Up-down lights on both pillars of the garage, and the motion detector sensor too.  The 3 pendant lights in the kitchen aren't there yet - they have installed 3 standard light fittings there which I thought was deliberate (so as the pendant lights won't get stolen) but I just found out that it was a mistake.  Some other items need to be installed.  Mr. SS told us that the electricians will be on site on Monday to install the remaining items.

On Wednesday, Abbey Shutters and Blinds will install all window coverings.  We have chosen double blinds for all windows, alfresco and balcony doors.  These will be combination of blackout roller and a Sunscreen roller, and double sheer (only because I want both sides to have the sheer texture rather than just the plain white on one side).  On the same day, other stuff like all kitchen appliances, air-conditioning unit and control panels will be installed.  Then the settlement day on the following day!!  :))

On our contract we have included wall mounting of all our T.V.s, our SS told us that instead of having them installed prior to settlement, he will just send the electricians after settlement to wall mount our T.V's. This is so they won't get stolen.

OK - so all is going smoothly with Eden Brae build.  I have started organizing deliveries and removalist too!  Here are the items on my list:

  • Other kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Removalist - for this weekend! :)
  • Furnitures - we've replaced most of our furnitures to give a better look to the new house.  We are still keeping some that will match our new furnitures.  And since our current house is half the size of the new one, we had to buy more stuff.  
  • Beds
  • Outdoor Furnitures
Aside from the above, I still have to organize quotes for our balcony privacy screen.  I think we'll have to do that after our landscape though so that we can still save some cash for it.  We have to give ourselves some time to rest from all those spending I guess!!


  1. How thrilling! It sounds like it's all coming together beautifully! Great to hear Forstan came through with the goods when needed too.

  2. thanks karla.. the splashback hasnt been installed yet, the guy said it'll be 9 working days from that day we met him on site.. he just actually measured the wall where it'll be going and asked us about colour selection..

    there were bits and pieces they missed so they had to go back to those site for those small items... lol... fine by me cause they come back pretty quickly.. like they have to go back for the chopping board this time hehehehe

  3. **i meant they had to come back to the site for the small items

  4. Hi
    Must say I really admire your house. We live just up the road and have been watching your house being constructed as we are building with Eden Brae @ the ponds. Very impressed with your exterior colour selection and we admire your house every time we drive past. Also seemed to go so fast. Good luck with your move and thanks for sharing your experiences with us, gives us faith in choosing Eden Brae

  5. thanks thigee! good luck with your build. i look forward to following your journey with EB.. and the end result of course! :)