Monday, November 29, 2010

Ducting now

Drove past the site today and saw a white van on the drive way.  Of course I got a little curious and checked out what's being done! :) Yay! Someone's installing the ducted air :)  I saw the "silver coloured-cylinder" hanging on the ceiling already and an empty box of Actron Air motor so I'm pretty sure it's for the ducted air! LOL

Picture below shows the "silver cylinder" on the ceiling.. =D  OMG, I'm very bad with construction jargons! I don't even know what this is called, I just know it's for the ducted air!  =))

Hmmm what else is new? Ah! the "thing" on the porch has been added as well (picture below - the blue thing hehehe)

Anyway, I had a quick chat with our SS and asked him what's lined up for the building process.  He said internal lining is scheduled to commence on 7 December.  Prior to that, electrical stuff has to be done including the installation of the ducted air!  Then they'll complete bagging and painting the whole house once internal lining is complete - this is to avoid the light paint from getting stained. He even said, that it is quite possible that he would get us in earlier than March!  Wow!! I hope he'll be able to deliver that!!  I'm so excited!

LANDSCAPE - I've requested quotes from different landscaping companies and was so surprise that most of them did not respond at all despite talking to them on the phone and them asking me to send them the plans.  There's also this company that insisted on asking me to give him a range for our budget, out of 10 he's the only one who asked for a budget.  Anyway, we couldn't give him a budget range initially cause we're really clueless about landscaping projects!!  He gave me a price range which according to him is between $70,000 - $90,000! Phew!  I told him it was too expensive and that we should just stick to what's on the Landscape Plan instead of his innovative ideas!  He then insisted again on the budget so just to give him a figure I replied: $25000 - $35,000.  He didn't reply so I thought I'd follow up saying: "may i know if you're still able to provide us a quote?" NEVER REPLIED to at least tell us that we are not in his market or whatever! Hayyyy..  Not a very professional guy!

A quote came in from another company $48,000 inclusive of GST (only treated timber pine for the retaining wall).  We thought it was okay - because of our ignorance to landscaping project budgeting - but then decided to get a couple of quotes more.  One came back $22,000 inclusive of GST - this guy even included the fence (but didn't include my water feature)!!  Another company came back with a quote, this company have won many landscaping awards for his projects and have been featured (his projects that is) in 2 home improvement magazines BUT IS ONLY CHARGING US $24,000+ including GST FOR EVERYTHING THAT'S IN THE LANDSCAPE PLANS (which excludes the driveway of course as this is part of our contract with Eden Brae, and the Fence exclusive of as well).  So we have decided to sign up with this guy who is even very humble everytime I'm talking to him on the phone and responsive of my questions!  I'll post his details once I have signed the contract with him!  :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morokaing now!

Drove past our site yesterday arvo and found that they have started moroka'g the house.  I'm so happy with my selections so far.. so glad i didn't let the husband choose anything or else i'll be seeing blue somewhere in our house!! lolz...  

anyway...  i got a call from forstan (the kitchen company) advising they will be sending something via email for me to sign.. it's about the cut out on our benchtop for the Soho Bin I've added..  hmmm i wonder if this means they're scheduled to install the kitchen soon?  how exciting!

back to the moroka'g.. took some photos.. here goes

Front side - ground floor not done yet.. 

some part of this side moroka'd

first floor done...

other side almost done

back part of the house almost done

maybe they did the first floor first...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now it's really the eaves!

OMG! Just found out that I made a blunder.  It was the gutter I saw before and not the eaves. hehehhe.. We went past the site this morning and the carpenter just told me: "I just put your eaves for you" and I was like.. ooo.. ooohhhh.. that's the eaves hehehhe...  anyway, they are working on the internal linings now.... I wonder what the next stage will be after this?

The photo! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another quick update!

I'm still battling with severe pregancy sickness, hence, the inability to spend enough time doing my regular tasks including blogging lol!

Anyway, we've go roof! The roof tiles were delivered on Friday arvo, went there midday Monday and saw the boys in action, Monday arvo roof's almost done. Drove past tuesday lunch time and they're sealing the roof! All done Tuesday arvo!!! Well done EB roofers!

I love the roof that I chose! :) so happy!!

Yey I've finally had the chance to upload the photos.  I've put everything that I missed so here goes...

It was just the frame and this when I looked at it on Friday

Men at work - Monday 8 Nov around 12 noon

Same Monday, tiles are almost complete in the afternoon

Complete on Tuesday afternoon, 9 November.  I still saw some men sealing the roof around 12 noon.  These guys are amazingly quick!

Yey, we've got roof! I'm so happy with the colour and style i've chosen :)

and again, the roof.. side view

view from the back...

the back again..

husband and my little alana.. again the back of our new home..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We've got (eaves) GUTTERS!

Quick update:

We drove past our site yesterday and saw that we've got eaves gutters! Yey! I'm so happy with my selection hehehe...
I'll post a photo when I got it off my husband's phone.. :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sydney Water Bill?

OK, thanks to our next door neighbour Craig ( for pointing out that it's actually for sewerage and river management fees!  =))


Surprisingly, we've received a water bill... not for our current house.. but for the one we're building! Hmmmm.. We built our current home less than 4 years ago but never receive a single bill for water at all.  I raised it with EB and was told that this forms part of our construction costs.

Has anyone experienced the same with EB or with the other builders too?  Is this the pratice these days?