Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sydney Water Bill?

OK, thanks to our next door neighbour Craig ( for pointing out that it's actually for sewerage and river management fees!  =))


Surprisingly, we've received a water bill... not for our current house.. but for the one we're building! Hmmmm.. We built our current home less than 4 years ago but never receive a single bill for water at all.  I raised it with EB and was told that this forms part of our construction costs.

Has anyone experienced the same with EB or with the other builders too?  Is this the pratice these days?


  1. i don't remember paying any bills...

  2. Hi, hope you're feeling better. Yes we just received a bill from Sydney Water as well. Not for water usage as such since there's no meter yet, but for sewerage fees and river management fees. Where's the river? Caddy's Creek perhaps? :)


  3. thanks hermyleen!

    hi craig! thanks.. i looked at the bill carefully (and what's actually written on it hehe) and found that it was actually for sewerage fees and river management fees too.. :) but again, it's the first time i've got something like this.. =D

  4. Hi - came across your blog while writing my own blog -
    My partner and I are looking into building an Eden Brae home too!! Its really interesting to read about other's expereinces. We are only just starting the whole process now in an area not too far away, so my head is filled with design ideas more than anything at the moment! Good luck with your home!

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for that! :) Good luck with everything too.. I look forward to seeing updates about your build as well...

  6. Hi Alanamaree
    Thanks for your post on my blog and congrats on those eaves! You have some great info!
    Lil Pig xo