Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now it's really the eaves!

OMG! Just found out that I made a blunder.  It was the gutter I saw before and not the eaves. hehehhe.. We went past the site this morning and the carpenter just told me: "I just put your eaves for you" and I was like.. ooo.. ooohhhh.. that's the eaves hehehhe...  anyway, they are working on the internal linings now.... I wonder what the next stage will be after this?

The photo! :)


  1. oooohhh, where are the pics???? pretty please!!!

  2. Hi Lovely,
    How are you feeling?
    Just went past our blocks. Your house looks great! Love the colour. What is it called?
    Just organised for some quotes for fencing for our block and asked them to send separate quotes for capped fencing for yours too.
    Is that what we are after?
    Steve Hood Fencing- coming to quote next week, will email.
    All Types Fencing- coming to quote next week also.
    Amazing Fencing - will quote in 7-10 days time.
    I've asked for a gate for our garage side,not sure what you want.
    Either way its just to get an idea of what we are up for.
    Hope you are feeling better, cheers Sandy :)

  3. hey sandy! still sick!! arghhh!

    one of the landscapers included 2 side gates on the quote which is according to the landscape plan.. he then suggested going to a fencing company for the fence itself as it will be cheaper he said...

    the other landscaper (which gave us the lowest price so far) on the other hand included a fence on the quote, what i'll do is to ask him to provide me a separate quote for the fence including the materials.. then we can pick from those 4 companies..

    yeah please if you could email me the quotes when you have them that would be good.. are you looking for a timber fence? i don't really like colour bond to be honest.. :D

    re: our house.. thanks.. you know those colours are the same colours as our furnishings now, and our current house.. and even our wedding motif.. hehhehe.. i love earth colours! i didn't let hubby choose anything cause for sure he'll pick blue somewhere!! lol..... the moroka is taubman's hazel snow.. the roof is csr monier mocha choc.. gutter is jasper.. downpipes are paperbark..

    thanks sandy!