Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Morokaing now!

Drove past our site yesterday arvo and found that they have started moroka'g the house.  I'm so happy with my selections so far.. so glad i didn't let the husband choose anything or else i'll be seeing blue somewhere in our house!! lolz...  

anyway...  i got a call from forstan (the kitchen company) advising they will be sending something via email for me to sign.. it's about the cut out on our benchtop for the Soho Bin I've added..  hmmm i wonder if this means they're scheduled to install the kitchen soon?  how exciting!

back to the moroka'g.. took some photos.. here goes

Front side - ground floor not done yet.. 

some part of this side moroka'd

first floor done...

other side almost done

back part of the house almost done

maybe they did the first floor first...


  1. Forstan?? Another EB customer went with DeGabrielle. How come we got stuck with FAB kitchens? So not happy with them.

    Your house is looking great, btw!!

  2. thanks southies!

    what's DeGabrielle? it was never mentioned to us.. we did a lot of upgrades with our kitchen.. hmm maybe DeGabrielle had better kitchen inclusions.. and maybe we need not to upgrade much if we went with them.. hmmm

    do you have any negative experience in dealing with forstan?

  3. We had FAB Kitchens, not Forstan. We weren't given a choice of kitchen companies - sooo disappointing.
    But hey! It's done now.
    De Gabrielle are upmarket kitchen company :