Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another quick update!

I'm still battling with severe pregancy sickness, hence, the inability to spend enough time doing my regular tasks including blogging lol!

Anyway, we've go roof! The roof tiles were delivered on Friday arvo, went there midday Monday and saw the boys in action, Monday arvo roof's almost done. Drove past tuesday lunch time and they're sealing the roof! All done Tuesday arvo!!! Well done EB roofers!

I love the roof that I chose! :) so happy!!

Yey I've finally had the chance to upload the photos.  I've put everything that I missed so here goes...

It was just the frame and this when I looked at it on Friday

Men at work - Monday 8 Nov around 12 noon

Same Monday, tiles are almost complete in the afternoon

Complete on Tuesday afternoon, 9 November.  I still saw some men sealing the roof around 12 noon.  These guys are amazingly quick!

Yey, we've got roof! I'm so happy with the colour and style i've chosen :)

and again, the roof.. side view

view from the back...

the back again..

husband and my little alana.. again the back of our new home..


  1. Yeah a roof. Looks great guys, really like the colour. Is it a Bristle roof?
    Your house looks massive. You are going to need a house keeper soon he he :)

  2. Thanks Sandy! It's a childhood dream I was tryng to chase hehehe
    I don't think I'll get a hOuse keeper, tried it once but I wasn't satisfied with the result... :D