Friday, August 27, 2010

Photos of the Slab

I have been pretty busy lately - final preparation for my daughter's birthday bash, UNI, work, and more family duties.  Hence, the late posting of the slab photos.  =D  Eden Brae have actually finished the slab on 21 August - I saw some tradies on our block after that doing some stuff which I don't have a clue what. lol.

I have also spoken to Stephen Ryan, our site supervisor who sounded pretty friendly and a real gentleman.  Yay, we're really lucky for always ending up with nice people so far.  I just hope to retain this "luck" throughout the building process.

Anyway, this morning I have requested for our first progress payment to be released to Eden Brae.  The "file owner", as he calls himself (from the bank) advised me that an inspection will be conducted first on monday and upon satisfaction of the bank's standard, they will release the payment to EB.  I'm pretty satisfied with what EB has done so I think the bank will be too.  =D

On a side note, we have enrolled our daughter to the local child care which is actually just a few steps away from our new home. :)  She's gonna start on a 1 day per week at this stage, just for us to secure a place for her in the child care - this will give her a better chance of securing more days there by the time we move to our new home.

OK - going back to the photos of the slab, please see below.

We also just drove past our block and found that it is now fully fenced.  Will take a photo of it tomorrow!  :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

After one day - Foam done!?

It's really good living a few minutes' drive from our site :)  we drove past our block again, I was just expecting to see the port-a-loo cause my husband told me he saw one last night.  To my surprise, again, I saw the foams completely done!  I just hope they'd continue to do it in this pace.

I've taken photos again cause I don't wanna miss any single progress at all :)

Husband trying to stop our little one who wanted to go down and run around lol
From a different angle - this side is where the garage will be
This is the side where the study room will be.  The division in the middle is where the split level starts
This is the second level of the splilt then the small part here where there's a step down is the alfresco which is technically the 3rd level of the split
I actually touched the foams to see if it's the same as the normal foams used in appliances, and yes, it's the same!  It worries me now, I hope it's as safe as 00% concrete slab!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Plumbing done and the foams

Yey! As planned, I drove past this morning to take some photos of the block.  To my surprise, I saw the foams piled up at our neighbour's block - oooppppssss sorry sandrine and craig. :)

Here are some of the photos I've taken.

Our foams sitting at Sandrine and Craig's block - thanks neighbours! :D

wow! look at the clouds - they look nice :D

Plumbing done!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Update

We drove past our block last saturday morning and found more mountains of soil and that "steam roller" thing.  In the afternoon we've decided to go back once more to see if something's done and found that the site was levelled showing where the splits will be.

This evening we, again, drove past our block after church and found some pipes already installed (i think that's for plumbing) and those frames that sets as guide for the foundation.  Lol, I'm not really familiar with building jargons and describing them is a lot easier than telling what they actually are.  Anway, I took a photo of it but was too dark so I'll drive past tomorrow morning before I go to work to take better photos.  :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mountains of dirt!

We went to our block this morning and saw mountains of soil which we're wondering what for - is this for the site excavation? anyone? :)

Anyway, here are some photos we've taken..
me and my baby alana walking towards the mountains of soil :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Released to Construction

I should really be studying right now to prepare for UNI tomorrow, but I just couldn't miss this very exciting news I got from Sue (our very approachable CSA) this morning!  Our file has been released to construction - woohooo!! Should I expect to see that our block had already been scraped?  :)

On another note, I was told that the internal doors we've selected doesn't come in a bigger size so they had to find the closest doors to match our high ceiling.  The new door looks very similar to what I initially picked so I'm okay with it..

They also had to send me an updated plan cause the old plan didn't have the tilings in the laundry, and they also had to move the Spa control panel to another place cause it won't be usable from where it was previously.. lol.. 

That's all my update is about for now, I look forward to seeing some work being done on our site and posting the photos up!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still waiting..

Been almost 2 weeks and our file is still with the estimator waiting to be released for construction.  Our CSA told me that it will be released either end of this week or early next week.  Yay!! I can't wait..