Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Update

We drove past our block last saturday morning and found more mountains of soil and that "steam roller" thing.  In the afternoon we've decided to go back once more to see if something's done and found that the site was levelled showing where the splits will be.

This evening we, again, drove past our block after church and found some pipes already installed (i think that's for plumbing) and those frames that sets as guide for the foundation.  Lol, I'm not really familiar with building jargons and describing them is a lot easier than telling what they actually are.  Anway, I took a photo of it but was too dark so I'll drive past tomorrow morning before I go to work to take better photos.  :D


  1. Hi neighbour, drove past today and there was the foam ready for your slab, woohoo

  2. you beat me to it.. i just logged on to say sorry to you guys for putting all the foams on your block =D it's all eden brae's doing.. lol..
    anyway.. when are you guys starting - do you know?

  3. no probs at all Olga :) Happy for you guys that its going quickly now that they started. We are waiting for a start date. We are hoping to sign off our final plans tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it all started and seeing some work on our block. Hope you have your slab by tomorrow. Have a great weekend, Cheers Sandrine

  4. thanks sandrine! i look forward to seeing your new house being built as well.. it's gonna be very exciting.. :)