Friday, August 6, 2010

Released to Construction

I should really be studying right now to prepare for UNI tomorrow, but I just couldn't miss this very exciting news I got from Sue (our very approachable CSA) this morning!  Our file has been released to construction - woohooo!! Should I expect to see that our block had already been scraped?  :)

On another note, I was told that the internal doors we've selected doesn't come in a bigger size so they had to find the closest doors to match our high ceiling.  The new door looks very similar to what I initially picked so I'm okay with it..

They also had to send me an updated plan cause the old plan didn't have the tilings in the laundry, and they also had to move the Spa control panel to another place cause it won't be usable from where it was previously.. lol.. 

That's all my update is about for now, I look forward to seeing some work being done on our site and posting the photos up!

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