Thursday, August 19, 2010

After one day - Foam done!?

It's really good living a few minutes' drive from our site :)  we drove past our block again, I was just expecting to see the port-a-loo cause my husband told me he saw one last night.  To my surprise, again, I saw the foams completely done!  I just hope they'd continue to do it in this pace.

I've taken photos again cause I don't wanna miss any single progress at all :)

Husband trying to stop our little one who wanted to go down and run around lol
From a different angle - this side is where the garage will be
This is the side where the study room will be.  The division in the middle is where the split level starts
This is the second level of the splilt then the small part here where there's a step down is the alfresco which is technically the 3rd level of the split
I actually touched the foams to see if it's the same as the normal foams used in appliances, and yes, it's the same!  It worries me now, I hope it's as safe as 00% concrete slab!

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  1. Wow how exciting!! can't wait to pics of the slab :)