Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally, an update and a news!

It's been a while since I last signed on to my blog, not that I was too lazy to do so but I've been too sick for months (actually I'm still too sick but didn't want to leave the blogging too far behind).  The sickness I have is actually not contagious nor terminal (hmmmm, well if I didn't go for an intravenous hydration then it could be).  Anyway, we're expecting our second child and I'm having a difficult battle with "all day sickness", ended up in a hospital bed for dehydration!  I'm just hoping that the sickness will end soon so I can start enjoying the pregnancy and the home building.

Back to building our home, our frames were completed on 10 Sept and I thought it was going all A-OK!  We drove past our site several times and kept on visiting the site hoping that we'll see something.  Rang our SS and was told that bricking will start straight after the labour day long weekend.  We did go to our site expecting to see some bricking action going on but got disappointment for the nth time.  Brick laying started 1 month and almost 2 weeks after which is very very disappointing.  Anyway, my husband had a chat with the SS and finally bricking started afternoon of that very same day.  I just hope that this delay won't have a domino effect on the next building stages.  Since drama is over, I think I can now post the recent photos of our home... :)

Side view

Back view

Front view


  1. Be still my beating heart !!!!! Getting excited for you, now that the bricking is taking shape.

    Hope you get past this horrible stage of your pregnancy SOOOOOON !!!! Hang in there :)

  2. thanks southies!! :)

    yeah, my doctor said it usually last up to 16 or 20 months but i don't think i can wait that long :(

  3. congrats with the baby....hope EB can finish quickly so you can settle in your new house with your new family addition

  4. thanks hermyleen! i do hope so too.. target completion of our home is march and our baby is due on may 18. i hope EB makes it on time..

    by the way hermyleen, we're trying to get quotes for our landscape.. if i's not too much to ask, could you please give me an idea of the price range for your landscape? just want to have an idea of how much landscape costs these days... driveway is included in our contract with EB so that's not gonna be part of it... thanks

  5. Good to hear you are feeling better! We are expecting twins at the beginning of April so we totally understand how you are feeling at the moment.

    What happened to cause such a delay with the bricks? It really makes me think twice about EB if they get stuck with such a long delay so early in the build.

  6. hi dozer!
    congratulations on the pregnancy as well!

    our ss said that there's shortage of brick layers not just within EB but throughout the industry.. at first i didn't follow up much, but after a few weeks i saw our 2 neighbours' home being bricked.. from then on i didn't stop chasing, then finally get the husband to chase up which did the trick...

    i was put off by negative feedbacks about eb before as well, but really loved the house and didn't want not to get the house (they're good quality wise) just because of negative feedback.. i guess there's just pros and cons to everything, and them being slow is something that we've observed so far.. we were watching one house that is exactly similar to ours - we saw it first march this year and it was already moroka'd and up to now it's still not completed....