Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PCI and Tyrells Property Inspections Report

Horay!! The PCI went well! :) There are no major issues nor defect, most of them are just paint touch ups, and some small holes (as in, a small nail holes) that needs patching then re-painting.  Other items that we raised that needs fixing (or to be completed) include the following:

  • incorrect and missing light fittings in the kitchen, dining, void, and driveway.  The electricians have installed the necessary wirings - they have just not installed the light fittings and we thought they'll do it before settlement but our SS told us he will still raise it with the electricals company.
  • blanco soho bin not installed
  • melamine shelvings in all walk-ins, linen cupboards, and pantry
  • glazing beads in most some windows
  • sealing the corner glazing of the study windows
  • site cleaning (external - as most cleaning have been done already)

We went past our new home this arvo and found that EB had already worked on the patching of those small holes, so the painter just needs to come by and touch up the paint.  It will just be a quick job since the painter painted the whole house in just about less than a week!!

We also received a comprehensive Inspection report from Tyrrells detailing the issues needing rectification.  These issues are consistent to what we've found but in more detail.  Eden Brae will fix all of those issues then have Tyrells re-inspect the site for a QA certification!  This is part of Eden Brae Homes' Quality Assurance Program which we think is excellent!

Once fixed, we will have a final inspection with our SS, then on the same day we will have to go straight to the head office to hand in our final payment and get the keys to our new home!! And since issues are minor, this will all happen in 2 weeks time!!  yey!!!

As I have mentioned in my previous post, we will have EB's plumber to install other kitchen appliances that we bought from a retailer on the day they will install those that are part of our package.  I have advised Bing Lee about this but they cannot give me an exact time of delivery.  :(  Anyway, this will happen on 16 March!  Yey!! :)  To avoid the hassle, my husband and I have included installation of our T.V's in all rooms we want them installed.  So we'll have our 3D t.v. for the media room delivered on the same day so EB's electrician can install it the same day they will install the remaining light fittings.  We will just have to bring our other t.v's to the site for the electricians to wall mount them on the same day too.  Since we're gonna have those appliances installed I'm trying to organize Abbey Shutters and Blinds to install our window coverings on the same day as well and it looks like it's all gonna happen.  :)  I think we'll have to sleep in the house on that night too!  We'll still have to let Nick Scali and Sleeping Giant know of a delivery date for our furnitures but in the meantime, we will be so glad to sleep even on the carpet!! hehehehe...


  1. Wow Olga, great to hear PCI went well, 2 weeks will absolutely fly by and before you know it you will be letting yourself in to your beautiful new home with your new set of keys!! It is such an exciting time for you, can't wait to see some pics once you are in.


  2. thanks April! :) it is very exciting indeed! few weeks after that, we'll be waiting for our little man's arrival!! perfect timing! :)