Thursday, April 28, 2011

Next stop, the Landscaping Project

We're supposed to start our landscaping project weeks ago, but with the rain that comes and goes, our landscaper have decided to push it back a bit. 

This is very exciting for us, cause we've been dreaming of seeing our daughter running around our backyard, rolling on the lawn, or probably jumping on a trumpoline.  The fact that we're having our baby boy in less than 3 weeks also makes us want to have that landscaping project completed, (and hopefully, including the fence).  I'm scheduled to have my C-Section on the 18th of May, and it gets me worried thinking about all the noise the landscaping machines might bring while I'm trying to establish a healthy routine for my little boy.  I had been successful developing Alana's routine when she's a little baby, so she's been a good sleeper ever since, sleeping from before 6:00 pm until about 8:30 am straight!!  Plus 4 hour-nap each day.  I'm hoping to do the same to my little boy so whoever's gonna look after him when I'm back at work won't have a hard time... and of course, sleep plays a significant role in babies' brain development as we all know! :))  Another reason why we'd like everything done, (hopefully) is the fact that I'm having that C-S and won't be able to go to parks for my new born to get his morning dose of vitamin D.  I'm hoping to be able to take him in the backyard every morning for this, but without the landscape and fence, this will be too risky because of our yard's current condition (which is very steep at the moment).

Our landscaper told us that they'll start on Monday, 2 May (or Tuesday), and if all works well, it will be finished in three weeks' time (hopefully, before my new born and myself goes home from the hospital).

Just a recap from my previous post about our landscape project, we will be having a water feature in the backyard (this is just an added feature, I'm more keen to have our block levelled and lawned, and fence installed because of the above items. :)).  We'll also be having a bbq area which will be a combination of bricks, timber, and ceasarstone, and of course the bbq insert.  On my previous post, I have mentioned we'll just be having a garden edging at the back, but we've decided to put a retaining wall instead because of the slope.  This retaining wall will serve as an extra feature too and we'll use them as a planter box where all our hedge will be planted as per our council approved plan.  All these retaining walls have pushed our landscaping cost to $40,000 without the fence and side gates.  We can't complain, it's what the council has required (i.e. retaining walls), we just had to pick a better material so it will make our garden beautiful rather than just have them as part of the requirement.  Anyway, we're still happy with this price, as I've said in my previous post we were quoted $10,000+ more than that despite obviously using cheaper materials. 

Anyway, while I'm trying to ignore all the aches and pains in this late stages of pregnancy, I've been occupied with decorating my little boy's room.  Here are some photos of his room:

His room is waiting for my little boy

The glider chair, this will help me in developing a good sleeping pattern for my little man.


  1. Love your baby's new room. All the luck for the birth.
    This rain is frustrating isn't it?

  2. thanks thigee! :) yeah the rain isnt helping much!

  3. I love what I see! Congratulations again and all the very best for the birth. Feet up now missy!! Can't wait to see a piccie of your little man xx

  4. Hi, your home is gorgeous...just wondering if you have had your bubba yet?
    all the best,
    Helen M xx

  5. thanks helen!
    yeah, i had my little boy on the 18th via c-section.. this is why i'm not able to log on to my blog anymore.. :)

  6. Oh wow, congratulations to you and your family, how wonderful for all of you!!!

  7. 18th of last month i should say