Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More "electrifying" photos!!

Photos of more electrical happenings. =))  There's always new photos to post everyday and I can't think of anymore title! hehehe!!

We had mounting of our t.v.'s included in our electrical selections, and brackets (and the t.v.'s of course) have to be supplied by us.  Our SS advised us to meet with the electricians to give them the brackets.  Husband went there this morning and was advised that they will install them on the day of hand over so as it won't get stolen.  Yup, makes a lot of sense!! :)  We also purchased some kitchen appliances that are not included in our package, and we'll have them installed by Eden Brae's plumber - it will cost us only $100 for them to install the dish drawer whereas, Bing Lee's referral will charge us a lot more (from experience, back in 2005, I was charged $250 to install a gas stove in my old house).  We'll let them install the trim kit for the microwave too - but i'm not sure if they'll even charge us for this.  We'll ask all appliances to be delivered on hand over date as well so the plumber will be on site.

Anyway, photos below were taken this morning..

my little man's shower room - grouting must done on the corner!

my little miss' shower room - more grouting please

the range hood.. glass splash back will be installed on settlement day

spare room

spare room's shower - yup, and more grouting needed here
alarm control panel, and more clipsal switches

ground floor's video intercom (another monitor will be installed upstairs), and more switch

more switch to be installed


  1. Looking great guys!

    I really like the Clipsal Saturn light switches ... we're getting them installed in all the "high profile" areas after handover. Excellent choice!

  2. thanks craig! i thought we didnt end up upgrading everything to a clipsal coz louie was objecting about having them in the ensuites.. hehehe i didnt know i won that debate during our electrical selection!! :)) saw everything clipsal except in the garage and power points for the tv mount, they will be hidden behind the tv anyway :)