Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily dose of imagery

Looks like I'll be needing to update my blog daily with photos of our building progress! yay! :)  Our SS is on fire and we love it! hehehe 

Today, we drove past the site and saw 3 utes parked in front of our house.  And yes, they are all working on our house!! :) The outlets for the ducted air went up today.  It was too exciting to watch the guys install them.  As what I've gathered from our SS, today and tomorrow will be all about electricals.  There will be other things scheduled too, but I don't know exactly what, I just know that the paving will be completed this week too.  :)

OK, enough talk.. Photos are more exciting I guess so here they go!! :)))

Stylus President Body Therapy spa

ducter air outlet at the formal lounge room

Clark evolution evo1750.  I should've selected the option to make it deeper than the stone..

media room feature wall..

The cut out for the Blanco solo box waste bin (inspired by the cooking shows where the fruit and vegie peels go directly to the shoot hehehe)

Technika D8900HA Range hood 900MM Halogen S/Steel

Laundry door, through to garage.  I love wood/glass combo doors! I'm so glad I had it painted.. Abbey Shutters and Blinds will take care of the covering :)


masters bedroom - the feature wall.  I'm so happy I made that choice!! :))

main ensuite's WC
Main ensuite's vanity

bathtub hub
main ensuite's shower room

Alana Maree's room - the feature wall that makes her excited about moving to her new house :)
Alana's WC
Alana's vanity

Kaden Louis' room - feature wall
Kaden's WC - will be a while before he can use this hehehhe so I better not take the plastic wrapper out hehehe

Kaden's vanity

Spare room's vanity

Spare room's WC

the staircase

my beloved void that made me decide to go for the windsor! heheheh

p.s. :)

we went back the site again arvo of that same day and here's what we found:

concrete on the driveway! :)

the pavers

and again, the pavers.. :)  there's not much as we'll have a very small driveway because of the shared one..


  1. Lots of progress! We're a couple of weeks behind you so I'm really enjoying seeing whats' coming up next for us :)

    ooohh and that spa bath looks divine!

  2. WOW real action stations at your place! How exciting.
    That spa looks amazing! We are coming over for a bath he he.

  3. thanks rach! yeah we're quite happy with their performance.. they actually didnt stop since bricking.. :)

    lol sandy! that's exactly what lana told us when she saw the bath "look mum my swimming pool! im gonna swim with micaela, and bradie (yes it's brabie no more), and her mum and dad" hehehhee