Friday, February 11, 2011

Most light fittings done!

We went to the site this afternoon to meet up with a fencing guy who'll organize a quote for us.  While waiting for the fence guy hubby and I decided to wander around the house and found that the laundry door was left open.  Yep, it was open! I had to sms our SS about this as there are so many things installed already and that might be stolen.

Anyway, we went in and found that most of the light fittings are already installed. For the kitchen, we found 3 ordinary light fittings aside from the down lights, these 3 will be replaced by a crampton pendant light 24298 during hand over.  Most of the down lights are installed, except for some maybe.  However, we saw that an oyster light had been installed in the dining.  I thought it was a mistake cause I remember upgrading it to a pendant light as well.  I did check our electrical selection sheet and found that it should be a crampton pendant light 24280.  They have to replace that oyster light, I hope it won't leave holes on the ceiling though! Oh well, they'll fix it for sure if it does! :)

OK - so far here's what we've got:

Front door with handles

Tiling on the tiled areas have also started

Kitchen and family room floor tiles

Down lights in the family room - that light near the ducted air outlet will be replaced with a pendant light

Dining room's ceiling hehehe hubby is not quite good in photography! hehehe..  the oyster light should be replaced by a pendant light as well
Crampton Pendant Light 24280 - this is the light that they should've installed in the dining room

The linen cupboards in the first floor - I like our cupboard doors better than the ones in display which are plain doors

in my daughter's ensuite.. we'll have this in all 3 ensuites, and a 4 light-heater in the main ensuite

all towel railings and toilet roll holders are already installed too

Down lights in the media room...

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