Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Electricals and Water do mix - ONLY in my blog! :)

OK - so my blood pressure is playing tricks on me!  It was soaring high one day, then dropped big time the following, hence a massive headache and a bleeding nose (sorry for giving too much info!!)

It's always good that there's something positive to entertain me despite all the pregnancy dramas!  My little man's kicking makes me forget about those dramas whilst my little miss keeps me occupied too.. she makes me feel sooo loved.. :D  plus, the home building is one source of entertainment too!! :)  How can I feel so low when I have all these to make me happy - oooppppssss I have to mention the husband who keeps me occupied in the kitchen, he might suddenly read the blog and realized I didn't mention him hehehhe kidding..

Got side tracked a bit there... back to the building..  we saw that they've been "testing the waters" - spa bath, toilet, etc. and installing electricals today!! :))

I think this one's for the washing machine?  It must be for that reason why this is too low - unless they're making it child friendly heehehheh

power point and the plumbing for the fridge

on the kitchen bench top

Dining room - antenna and power point.. we're gonna mount a t.v. here

testing the waters!! hehehhe 

is the water in our area blue?

another photo.. 

yep, another one of my new hide out!!

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hmmm looks like someone's been using my daughter's toilet...

powder room sink

alarm.. yey..

antenna and power point for the media room

i'm so happy i've chosen this for the switches!! :) the round chrome looking thing will have a white colour when ON (hmm is it white of blue, i think it's white)

not sure what this is for.. it's in my kid's walk in so maybe it's a kid's friendly switch again hehehe


  1. No....did they really use your toilet?? That's what their port-a-loo is for!!

    The tiles around your spa bath look fabulous.

  2. ps. We've got the same lightswitches, 'clipsal saturn'. Mainly just downstairs for show, they look great huh!

  3. i think they did rach! that's the only bowl in the house that's not still sealed.. plus the toilet roll and some hair on the toilet seat.. hehehhe yep it's gross but i've inspected them.. :)

    hehehe yeah the clipsal looks so good i had to put it all in the whole house except in the garage, 4 of the 5 rooms, and the 3 of 4 ensuites upstairs.. my husband objected when i asked it to be in those rooms too.. i gave him 2 opportunities to object throughout the entire selection process... the clipsal switches and the auto sms being sent to his mobile when alarm went off cause his argument is quite valid he said "what are u going to do if u receive the sms that the alarm went off, ring me?" hehehehe

  4. about the spa bath.. thanks! :) it's suppose to be glass but it doesnt look like it yet heheheh... i think the glass effect will appear after they've remove the grout dusts :))

  5. I just looked at our electrical selections sheet and found out we did upgrade all light switches and power points to clipsal white saturn... i had to double check coz i did see them all clipsals when we went ths arvo.. :))