Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo of the front entry door and what's next in line

We went back to the site this morning to look at the entry doors closely. They look better after all 3 coats applied. Hubby and I decided to keep it as it is. We think it'll look even better when the feature render is done and the porch ceiling painted. The downlights on the porch ceiling will also make a difference for sure.

Photo of the front entry doors:

Last friday, my contact person from Abbey Shutters and Blinds advised me that one of their guys have completed  measuring everything for our blinds.  She also raised their concern about not seeing a power point for the void blinds.  Our void is too high and there's no way we can control the blinds without using a switch or a remote control - we picked both the switch and the remote control so we can control the blinds even from the ground floor.  Anyway, because of this info, I rang our SS and he assured me that whatever is on our plan will be delivered.  I asked my husband to check our electrical selection sheet/plan and confirmed that we have selected that option to add a power point for the void blinds.  I've gathered from our SS that the electricals will be done on tuesday and wednesday!  wooohoooo!!!  =)


  1. The front door looks great! Have they given you a completion date yet?

  2. thanks rachel! we havent been given an exact date, we were just told it's gonna be mid march. if we are to follow the contract 32 weeks from the date we completed our requirements) we should settle on march 12..

  3. Wow Olga everything is looking fantastic!!! can't beleive how quickly everything is moving for you :) Love those front doors xxoo

  4. thanks april! :)
    yeah we're quite happy with how eden brae's handling our build considering we almost didnt sign up with them because of bad reviews.. we've proven all our fears wrong and is quite happy we went ahead with them! :))