Thursday, January 20, 2011

More updates!!!

I just tried my luck this arvo to see if there are any work going on our site at 5pm.  Saw the white van that I have been seeing for the past 3 weeks - yep it's the tilers!!  =))

About lunch time I got a call from Di Lorenzo telling me that "there was a problem" regarding the glass mosaic we've picked for the bathtub hub.  Since our tub is oval, they are not able to lay it horizontally as you cannot really bend the tiles, of course! :)  I didn't care, really, as long as it's gonna be done beautifully then I'm happy! And besides, I don't expect them to perform a miracle and bend a glass mosaic just to make me happy! hehehhe...   I can be pleased very easily, as long as I'm told the truth and still get a good quality for what we've paid for then I'm fine! :)

Anyway, back to the 5pm drive around the house.  I've decided to go inside and take more pictures and after only a couple of days I was so glad to see that they have started tiling the ground floor!! :)  They are doing a really good job, and I'm talking about ONLY 2 men tiling the whole house (well, the tiled area that is)!!  Upstairs I saw this gentleman holding on to his back, he's a bit surprised to see me heheheh.. the poor guy was having back pain :( according to him, I've picked a tile that is very difficult to install (the glass mosaic) which is actually installed one single piece at a time!! (picture of the glass mosaic below)

The glass mosaic for the bath tub hub and niche - this one is chipped, saw this on the  floor :)
 I did another walk around the house, checked every single room. And here's a funny story, I was looking down while walking to avoid tripping on any object, then headed towards a door.  I looked up and didn't know where I was, I got a bit nervous trying to find my way out.  pppfffff!! I got lost in my own house!!!! hehehe..  Anyway, I was able to take more photos this time (below). (Sorry guys I'm too sleepy to put a caption on each photo.. just let them speak for themselves and tell us what they are ok?) i might come back to this blog and update it with caption next time hehehe

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