Friday, July 2, 2010

Bank authorization and progress payment kit

Wow, talking about "when it rains , it pours!". We just keep receiving news that puts a smile on our face! Thank God!! Considering that I was in so much stress few weeks ago. Well, I just hope it will continue to rain good news.

I saw an A4 size envelope waiting for me at home. I knew it was from the bank because of the colour of the envelope. What I didn't know (and not expecting) is what's inside (cause I just forwarded them a copy of DA approval and construction certificate)! The progress payment kit, and a copy of the consent they sent Eden Brae. We're getting a lot more excited!

DA approval, construction certificate, and Bank's consent. All we're waiting for now is the site start appointment. I wonder when it's gonna be? How long after DA approval do they normally complete the DA check? Anyone?


  1. Hi alana's mum!!

    Thanks for commenting on our blog, it is great to see another eb builder!!

    Congrats on the progress this week:) Before you know it they will be starting! Once you have your site start appointment they do their final file checks & ordering & your peg out and then they are off..

    Once we had out site start appointment (16/04) we were released to construction 2 weeks from there (30/4), site scrape happened within the week (04/05) & then a week later we had a slab :)

    Good luck with the rest of your build! I look forward to seeing some pics of your slab on here.


  2. hi april! thanks for your comment.. now that we have submitted all those requirements, i believe that we'll no longer be penalized if they don't meet the site start right? they told us we'll pay the difference of new package price and our package price when we don't meet the 31 july site start.. that's the extended it for a month without any fee which is excellent!

    i just hope they'll book us in for a site start appointment already while they do their checks.

    thanks april.. i love watching your blog... we're from stanhope gardens and drive around kellyville ridge every weekends, (to see how quick EB build houses =)) i wonder if your house is one of the house we see regularly. =D

  3. Hi!!

    I wouldn't think that you would be penalised either. I think if you read the page in your contract where it mentions the site start it only says that they can penalise you if you don't have all of the actual approvals + commencement from your bank. Have you got the waterboard approval yet? The site start date from there is up to them. That is great that they already extended it for you, nice to hear! I think we also went a little over & there was no probs.

    I am sure that you will hear from them soon to get the site start appointment booked & you can sign away on the final construction docs!

    This is where is gets really exciting when you start to see works on site!!!

    I am sure ours is one of the ones you check out on the weekends! We still do the same most weekends to see how all the builds are going. There are so many blogs out there to follow & it is great when you can meet your new neighbours through them!!!

    Hope to see a site start post this week :)


  4. hi april! i've emailed them asking if they can book us in already. if it takes 2 weeks to complete a DA check (per what they've told me) then might as well book us in for an appointment in 2 weeks time :D

    yeah, we've got all the approvals.. they asked me to get some docos from norwest land, good thing they have all of it, saved us some $$$..

    you're right.. it's really exciting.. it's just started to sink in really when we got the approvals.. =)

    alana's mum