Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And then there were pegs!

Got an email from our CSA that pegs were completed yesterday.  The email made my day considering that those are just pegs!! lol I'm not sure when construction will start though, according to our CSA there were so many files released for construction this month so ours will be released early August.  Well, it's 3 days till August so I guess that's fine.  =D

Anyway, I thought I'd drive straight to our block from work despite the pouring rain.  I didn't wanna miss anything in the building process, even those little pegs that signals the beginning of the entire construction process.  Photo of one of our four pegs above.


  1. hehehehe... thanks april! :)
    imagine we get excited with this little thing? it's just a piece of stick but it sure makes us happy.. lol

  2. oh yes.....a little piece of wood can mean a lot - to those who have built, that is! lol

  3. i know!! we were so excited to see our pegs go in after waiting for so long!! seems silly to get so excited but wait till you see a port-a-loo get delivered lol!

  4. Oh, I long for pegs on our block!

    Anyway in case you missed my reply to your post. The photo's on our block were taken from

    They are update quite often and you can select the different dates which is fantastic. Hope they snap our block again soon!

  5. @southie.. yeah I was out in the rain to take a photo of those sticks... I think I've already made an impression to my future neighbours - "that the lady in that house is nuts or possibly obsessive compulsive.." lol

    @April hehehe too funny!! Some tradie used our loo when we were building our first home and I was too disgusted seeing it left a mark in the bowl lol.. It can't be more detailed than that...

    @Anna I guess our timing isn't perfect cause it just started to rain... I don't think I'll see any progress in ours in the next couple of weeks... thanks for the URL we'll check ours later...

  6. Pegs! woohoo well done guys! Hopefully ours will be up soon too.

  7. Congratulations! Now the fun begins. Each week just gets better and better.

  8. @ Sandrine and Craig a.k.a next door neighbours :) thanks! We have to finish at the same time so we could start thinking about the fence..I believe someone from EB told me he fence in our estate should be timber instead of colour bond.. is that right? I think it's better though.. :)

    @Angie.. Thanks! I can't wait to see it scraped atleast.. :)