Thursday, July 22, 2010

Final Building Plans

I'm so excited to see construction going on our site.  While waiting, I thought I'd post some photos of our building plans

Changes we made:

  • Main door will be Timber with 2 sidelights with obscure glazing.  The 2 main panels will have 3 obscure glazed glass on each.  I really want the "grand entrance effect" that's why I changed it to this.
  • Since the house will have massive windows, some of the ones on the first level were changed to be open-able to meet BASIX requirements.
  • Balcony will have 1.5m privacy screen as well to meet Council requirements on protecting the neighbor's (property adjacent to us) privacy.
  • We'll have step down to the kitchen (and in between formal lounge and dining area) due to the small slope we have.  I think Bede Schneider (EB's sales person) did a good job suggesting that instead of filling.. it will be an added feature instead. I'm quite happy with it.
  • Because of the step down we have to put a corbel in the formal lounge which again will be an added feature.. great job Bede!!
Those are the minor structural changes, other than that we're quite happy with the design.  We upgraded the kitchen, and the electricals heavily, the facade, and a bit on the floor tiles.  I'd probably render the front side in a couple of years or so, and change the floor tiles to a white porcelain which is what I really want - these I consider my room for improvement.. just so I have something to look forward to again in the future  :D

I have also selected all those timber feature screens (in the powder room and the rumpus room) that the display home have, I think those are part of the reason why the display home looks so appealing - for that I've decided to keep it.

We've also selected our window coverings from Abbey Shutters and Blinds and is now in the process of lay-bying it.. :D  I've picked double roller blinds for all front windows on the ground floor (and where it's sunny at some part of the day) just so we have an option to see through when we want too.  We've also picked a motorized sheer blinds for the void just because there's no way that window could be reached without a remote control!

I also love the doors that I picked, the laundry door (from kitchen) is bi-fold with obscured glass panels as well.  We did the same thing for the main bedroom door.  I love obscured glass doors with timber frames!!  We've also upgraded doors for all the other rooms except that they won't have any glass at all.  And speaking of glass, for the kitchen, I've picked a red glass splashback and made all doors poly.  I removed the soft close mechanism as it could be added in the future anyway.  So for now, I'm going with a normal close for my kitchen drawers.  :)

    Yep, I did all the selections and didn't let the husband pick any to avoid a "mismatch" lol!!  He basically just went with me for moral support.. lol

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