Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Site Start Appointment

Got an email from Sue, our new CSA, our DA Check was completed yesterday and we've been booked for a site start appointment on 21 July 2010. This is getting more and more exciting..

On another note, I've got another PCV about retaining walls, saying that council approval for other retaining walls that are not approved as part of EB's construction will be our responsibility. I wonder what part of construction will it be... hmmm will it be part of the landscape?


  1. Great news!! you will be site scraped in no time.

    We had the same sort of pcv for retaining walls & a few other things on the council approval. Just more work for when we get the keys!!

  2. hat's good to know that it's for after settlement.. i thought we have to do all those retaining walls etc during the construction.. got scared really.. we've maxed out our funds when the bank asked for more deposit than what we have originally requested.. ended up using the landscape and the window covering money.. we've just started saving up for the landscape again and doing a lay-by for the blinds (went for Abbey Blinds)..

    anyway, if we need retaining walls after settlement, it's enough time to save up for it then.. i think it will be part of landscape - right?

  3. OMG..........this is the house I wanted to build! Oh goodness, I will be watching every one of your steps alanamaree, with envy !!! lol

    Unfortunately, we couldnt' find a block in our area (Como) to fit the Windsor, so had to choose a smaller design:(

    I will live vicariously through your build! lol

    Have fun.

  4. I had the same scary thought!! luckily they can be done after although it really probably would have been easier if they had been done already!

    we are still saving away for the rest of the landscaping & furniture money - that is good that you can do a lay-by with abbey i didn't realise that - might have to go & see them :) thanks olga!!

    yep the retaining walls will be done by you after settlement with all your landscaping & fences. I think that is about the only thing that we are not looking forward to :)


  5. Lol @ southies! That's cute.. Thank you :)
    as I type this comment we have 4 hrs and 23 mins till our site start appointment.. And yes excitement is keeping me awake lol.. I'll be sure to post photos of every single progress of the build..

    Thanks April for the info, I agree it's something we don't really look forward to...extra expense lol...

  6. April, regarding abbey blinds.. u just have to pay $250 initial deposit after finalizing your selection.. full payment is due on the day it will be installed.. since ours will be finshed around march 2011 we have plenty of time to do the lay-by...and hopefully finish the payment before installation...