Friday, July 9, 2010

Engineers Details are back (and our CSA)

I was informed last week that our engineers details were due back on 7 July, for some reason our new CSA just got it this afternoon, EB's really very busy these days I guess.

Yes, you read it right. Our CSA has left the company so I'm dealing with a new one. All good though, cause the new CSA is as responsive (and a lot more approachable) She has already booked our file for a DA check which is due for completion on Tuesday, 13 July 2010. Once this is done she can then book us for a site start appointment.. Yay!!! Can't wait...


  1. not long to go now!!! hope you get your site start appointment booked today :)

  2. Thanks April!! We did! yey! our site start appointment is next wednesday.. 21 July.. thanks for wishing it..:)