Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DA Approved

I'm so glad everything is going well, although it's taking quite a while. In a way, we wanted it to be in this pace.

I've been in contact with the council officer who's handling our application. He's quite approachable actually. I was so happy when he rang me to tell me it's all been approved, he even mailed the documents as soon as it's finalized. I planned to pick up the documents to hand deliver it myself to EB - rang council the moment I received the consent (for me to pick up the documents) from EB and the person who answered the phone told me that it was express posted a couple of hours earlier by our assessor. I'm really thankful for always on bumping onto nice people who willingly help us in stressful times like this.

I thought site start can be organized the moment approvals are received, our CSR told me that final plans has to be prepared (i thought the council approved plans are the final ones?) and that DA checks has to be done (what do these checks involved and how long does this take?)

I just hope we'll complete all these soon to meet the new site start 31 July.

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