Friday, June 4, 2010

One last PCV and Council Approval

Yup! We're nearly there, one last PCV and the bank will have all it needs from us to value the contract. It took us about a month to get the floor tile quote, after a few phone calls and voicemails it's finally here. Eden Brae received the accepted quote and the documents they need to organize the remaining PCV. I was told I'll get it on Monday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

RE: DA Approval - Our application was lodged by Eden Brae on the 5th of May 2010. Since then, Eden Brae came back to me asking for a couple more requirements for the council. Good thing Jim Busine from norwest land is very helpful and sent me those requirements which apparently saved us about 2 grand (according to EB)!

With PCV nearly completed - which will allow bank to do its bit, and DA nearly done construction is hopefully starting right on time - 30 June!!

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