Sunday, June 20, 2010

Delayed Site Start!

Construction is scheduled to start on 30 June no more. As per my previous post, it took Di Lorenzo about a month to send us the quote for the tiles which have delayed the process for us. We had the approval subject to valuation but bank wasn't able to value the contract due to the tile PCVs not being received yet.

Our CSA advised us about the financial consequence of this delay - that we hvae to pay for the difference of current house price and what we have in contract. This is quite unfair as their own supplier caused the delay.

The council also came back with an advise that we cannot have a balcony at the back without having a privacy screen OR DELETION OF THE BALCONY to protect the privacy of the adjacent property. Of course we are going with the privacy screen door. I think it will benefit us somehow as we have a toddler to protect as well (from falling from the balcony that is). We just cannot "not" have the balcony as it is one of the reasons why we chose the Windsor to take advantage of the view of the blue mountains.

Anyway, going back to the site start issue. I have emailed several people at Eden Brae, although most of them said they couldn't do anything about it (they were apologetic that they couldn't do anything about it actually) there was one person who was able to assist us once more. Eden Brae's sales manager, Bill Howie. He is very considerate of our situation and gave us an extra month without any penalty. One of them also forwarded my email to someone who is in the position to help us. Well, I realized that going to the right channel and explaining our situation actually helps. If one says no, it is possibly because they are not in the position to make that decision. I was so worried about going with Eden Brae because of all the negative articles I have read about them, I realized they're not bad at all. :) I just hope the building process will be better and smoother so we don't have to request for anything special anymore.

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