Thursday, December 9, 2010

Internal linings

My husband visited me at the hospital yesterday - yes I've been at norwest private hospital for 3 days now as I've contracted chicken pox while pregnant, doctor said it's a pretty severe bout of chicken pox... anyway I hope there'll be no bad effect for my little one- OK back to the internal linings. My husband rang me and said he's at the site yesterday and saw tradies installing the linings upstairs and that the guys have finished with the garage and the rest of the ground floor!! Sweet! I can't wait to go out of the hospital and see my new house...

Eden Brae is really doing a great job! And credit to our site supervisor Stephen Ryan as well!! And of course the tradies who works rain, hail, or shine... Good job everyone!

Some photos taken by my husband:

formal dining angle 1

formal dining angle 2

family room through to alfresco.. I'm so happy with the 10 foot-ceiling


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