Sunday, December 19, 2010

(Almost) All Doors Installed!

Went to the site and saw guys from Corinthian Doors installing our doors.  I was really surprised seeing how tall and big the doors are!  I didn't think our house is gonna be big until I saw those giant doors standing in the formal lounge!

Our house will have different ceiling height.  Upstairs will be 9 feet.  The void will be about 18 feet.  The 2nd split in the ground area will be a 10-foot-ceiling.  This is why the doors are this big.

Doors standing in the formal lounge which has a 9-foot-ceiling.  Doors are almost as tall as the ceiling.

Doors all waiting to be installed.. This is the formal lounge

We also took other photos of the house.  Below:

Entry to the media room..

Media Room Door (well, the door isn't installed yet.  There was a bit of a mistake here cause Corinthian made a door wider than the actual space

Windsor 46 - Display home - The media room doors

Family Room

(From Left) Fridge Space, Door to the Walk-in pantry, Door to the Laundry

Sample Door -This is what we're going to have for the laundry door


Media Room


Laundry - that entry on the left is the walk-in linen cupboard

Powder Room

5th bed/Home office - Ground Floor

The 18-foot-ceiling..  I love voids!

Front doors installed

Front doors installed

and again...

...and again... :)

and finally... :)


  1. Looks amazing! I love how you are having stained timber doors throughout the house! And yes...voids are beautiful!! :)

  2. lol @ southies..

    hi tonia.. thank you! oh no no we won't actually stain all of the timber doors.. just the main doors, the garage, and one of the doors in the laundry..