Monday, December 20, 2010

Amazing new progress!!

Yes! We are officially in Lock up stage!! Thanks to our Site Supervisor, Stephen Ryan!!

Rang our site supervisor to meet up with him for the first time in almost 5 months!  Yep, 5 long months, meaning since we've started the actual build!  We really didn't wanna sound/look pushy to him to make him feel that we trust his supervising capabilities!  hehehe.. but yeah, we've put our complete trust in him and just followed up when there's an obvious delay, but other than that, we let him do his job basically!  Anyway, I was told we could come and meet up with him today at 4pm.  I brought my little Alana along (while hubby is at work, poor hubby he works in the city so he couldn't come that early - hehehhe anyway!) and to my surprise, the kitchen cupboards are already installed!!

This is what I first noticed! They just installed them today.
Still in the ground floor, I noticed a guy from Corinthian Doors installing the laundry door.  I really love what I've selected for the laundry door cause I think it's gonna compliment the rest of the kitchen selection.

The bi-fold doors being installed

Another exciting thing I noticed in the ground floor are boxes of tiles, which according to our Site Supervisor, will be installed tomorrow!
The tiles

Ok, so more surprises from our SS.  My little one and I went upstairs and found that all 4 ensuites have their cupboards installed! 

This is the photo of the stairs, it's quite high and steep but I love it! Good thing I've picked a carpet for the stairs instead of the timber which may be risky when I'm walking my little one up/down the stairs.

This is a photo of the cupboard for one of the 4 ensuites.  The ceasarstone benchtops are yet to be installed

My little inspector checking her spa bath

The above photo shows the hub for the spa bath.  We've picked the 'stylus president 1900 body therapy spa'.  I was quite surprised too as I didn't know that a lot of things have happened in a matter of day!  I'm so impressed by how things are moving along really!!  
I've asked our SS regarding realistic time frame for the completion of the build and he said that by how things are going so far he's quite confident he can get us in by late February, or mid March the latest!  

Hmmmm.. yeah, my timeline isn't that accurate anymore.  I've missed a lot of dates as we didn't even know that there were tradies quietly working inside!  All we know is that we see UTEs parked in front of our property even on a saturday!!  =))

Yey!! I think we better start ordering furnitures after the holiday season to make sure we'll have all of them in time for the move!!


  1. Hey guys was nice to see u yesterday though it was quick. Very impressed in how fast your build is going. House is looking great!
    Have a great Chrissie and see u in the new year:)

  2. Your place is looking fantastic. Congratulations on reaching lock up! xx

  3. thanks sandy!! nice to see you too.. i didn't get off the car anymore cause me and Lana was there that morning with the SS and hubby missed out heheh..

    yeah i'm quite surprised! it wasn't expected to be honest cause i've seen way too many negative feedback on EB prior to selecting them.. we thought we'll go ahead since we really like the house.. i've communicated it to them several times from the time we're doing the siting until signing up the contract (that i've seen a lot of negative reviews about them and that we're hesitant to go ahead with them..)so I think their trying to change our impression of them! which is quite effective to be honest!! :)

    happy holidays to you and your wonderful family!!!

    Hi Rachael!! welcome to our online building journal! :) thank you for the compliment... have you got a blog too that I can follow? :) Happy holidays!!