Tuesday, March 2, 2010

External colours selected!

Yay! This went pretty quickly. We went straight to HOG after contract signing as we wanted to maximize the day we've taken off work.

Ok - on my earlier post, I mentioned going for the same colours as the sample photo, however, we've decided to go the other way around. We picked a lighter colour bricks for the main colour and a dark one for the feature bricks (I think the main colour is mocha and the feature wall which I am sure of is called Nutmeg), we will be using a smooth faced bricks instead of having it rendered.

I know I should have taken a picture of it but we were in a hurry cause it was raining and we were thinking about our 1 year old daughter whom we left at home with her carer. Plus I thought we were already running overtime - but we actually weren't! Arrgh.. anyway, I'll see it for a long time so I think I can wait. :)

There is quite a long gap till the other colour selection appointment cause we can only be there on April 6 straight after our Melbourne holidays. EB said this is okay as site start won't be until June 30 2010.

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