Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And more changes (to the external colours)

After using the envisage website (metricon's tool to check colours - brands are different though and we could only pick similar colours and not the actual ones) we've finally decided to change our colours once more. Although we've (i, personally for bombarding her with emails, and for apparently stopping her from doing her work for our file) annoyed our CSA we still changed our roof tile colour. I do understand we're she's coming from, however, it is not an easy task to pick colours specially when you're not seeing actual colours. I think EB should offer a tool like Metricon's - with their actual brands on it to assist clients in preparing for colour selection.

From that online tool it seems sambuca is too dark for the rest of our selection so it's now officially "Traditional Mocha Choc". Our HOG representative is very patient on the other hand, she even recommended changing our driveway colours to compliment the other colours selected.

Because of these changes we will be re-submitting our BASIX application. =D

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