Thursday, March 4, 2010

The external colours selected (and some of the house plans)!

I've requested Josie from HOG to send me these sheets for our reference (and for my blog of course)

Here's the Colour Selection sheet:

The colours we've selected:

And where these colours are for:


  1. Nice!

    It must be a great feeling to finally see your choices down on paper.

    Have you requested the delay in the build start date or is this a standard process? Bummer that you will have to wait ( possibly ) until after Christmas before you move in. I have reviewed several other EB blogs and most seem to mention a 6 week shut down over this period.

    Have they given you a dedicated start / finish date? I would advise keeping a diary with regards to the weather during each day of the build so they do not blame wet weather for any delays or prevention of paying any rental guarantee if they go beyond the finish date.

    If you are close by I would also check when no work has been done on fine weather days just in case you need to bring this up v's the above paragraph excuses which may eventuate.

    Good Luck! I'm looking forward to further updates.

  2. thanks! it's actually our choice to delay the site start for a month - just to be on the safe side cause we are still waiting for our block registration. we've got an update from norwest land about block being registered by mid or late April but not 100% guaranteed. EB will penalize us ($750 per month) if we don't start on time.

    yeah they have, start date 30 June.. completion date Feb 2010.. i'll ask them if the completion date includes that 6 week-shut down post christmas holiday.

    thanks for the advise.. yeah, we will definitely be checking the site regularly..and will use a diary for it.. such a great idea.. thank you!

  3. oopppsss sorry.. typo on this: "yeah they have, start date 30 June.. completion date Feb 2010.." hehehe, we've moved in last month by the looks of it! lol.. completion date is Feb 2011. :D