Thursday, April 15, 2010

Block Settled and some whinging

Yay! The block is officially "ours", finally our small piece of Australia.. again..

OK - going to my whinging, almost 1 month ago my husband and I had to go adjust our work schedule to attend a landscape planning appointment. The consultant came in 30 minutes earlier than her shift as well - thanks to her! However, I got this email from our CSA saying that they haven't received our landscape plans therefore, they are unable to present our plans to the developer (then to council). On the email the CSA was also asking when are we going to do anything about it! That was very surprising!! The landscape plan is delaying our building process. Another thing that surprised me is that I have even advised our CSA about our appointment by replying to her email about the need to book an appointment with the landscape people! The CSA should have at least rang the landscape company or email me about a few days after I told her we're going. Hayyyy, anyway.. I rang the landscape consultant this morning and she told me that the plan has been forwarded to her colleague who draws them and that it was done but that colleague has been off sick for a week and a half! hmmmmm 1 1/2 weeks eh? but it has been a month since we saw them for it! The consultant said she'll get back to me either monday or tuesday cause the one who drew it didn't tell anyone where the plans are. another hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. i think they have to rethink their process, there should be a standard place - computer application or a physical filing cabinet (whichever!) for their clients' file to avoid similar issues??

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