Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BASIX Re-assessment not required and other selections

Last night I have received an email from our CSA that we don't need to have our BASIX re-assessed after changing our roof colour. That's what I thought, since the previous colour we had was the darkest black which attracts heat - changed to a lighter colour which I think is more environment friendly if I may say :)

Yesterday we also went straight to HOG (from sydney airport) for our other selections (kitchen/bathrooms/plumbing and colours and internal paint colours). We were so tired, we spent the easter holidays in Melbourne then went straight to our appointments. I was extremely happy though with my selections, I'm just a bit worried that the price now is up to the roof. LOL If that's the case then I might really have to pick standard floor tiles and carpet. We didn't plan to have the house rendered nor Moroka'd but ended up spending a bit over $12000 for it so I really have to adjust the budget for the floorings.

For the kitchen, we have upgraded the benchtops to a 40mm ice snow coloured caesarstone from the 20mm included in the kitchen upgrade promo. I have also selected an all white polyurethane cupboards with soft close drawers in the cooking area. We have also changed the rangehood to something with the glass design as I didn't like the one included int the kitchen upgrade promo that looks like a dvd player! lol We will also be having a red- glass splashback on the cooking area. The sink will also be changed to the one that has a slot for chopping board and a slot for a rubbish shoot. I love cooking so I want my kitchen as beautiful as it could possibly be. I didn't let my husband pick any for the kitchen. rofl

Now that we've sold our house and settlement to our new block is a few days away, the home building is finally starting to sink in and I'm becoming more excited each day.

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