Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eden Brae Contract Received!

Today we've got the contract via email, 82 pages.. phew! Now I have to read everything - argggghhh why did our solicitor have to go overseas when we need him the most! nahh he deserves a break! :)

I have started going through the contract and got too bored looking at it so I went straight to the drawings! Loved what I saw, this is going to be very exciting. I just hope everything will go smoothly.

I have actually made a research prior to signing up with EB (for the contour survey) and read a lot of negative feedbacks. We almost got put off by this, but we really loved the Windsor 46 so we based our decision on that. Plus Bede (the rep in homeworld who is now in the ponds) has really been extremely helpful to us. He even had to re-do the sitings cause we changed it from a Madison 40 to a Windsor 46. But yeah, I know it's still too early to say this but so far we haven't got any bad experience with them, they have been pretty good. The only thing I noticed though is that the CS agent assigned to us didn't even show up on the tender presentation and at least introduce herself to us in person - that would have been more appropriate. On one hand though, we're being entertained by a guy called Bill whom we found out to be the boss in EB. He was able to make a decision right there and then when we requested to extend the signing of contract from 21 days to 42 days (because we're waiting for the sale of our current house). In a way it worked better for us cause he didn't have to wait for a decision cause he makes it himself. :)

Anyway, I have about 3 more weeks to read the contract so in the meanwhile I'll just keep staring at the drawings. :)

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