Thursday, January 21, 2010

Current house on the market!

We've listed our existing home prior to the christmas/new year close off. Hits were great, an average of 100 per day! Amazing! Agent opened our home for the first time on second saturday of January.. again, attendance was great - 27 groups came in and about 7 more missed out so the agents decided to open it once more the following day. Yey! Sold in 2 open days!! I thought it's all going pretty well until I got a called from the agent (72 hours later) saying that the couple who bought our property found out they're expecting and is no longer proceeding. :( Great! Thanks! Now we're back to square 1... No buyer, no interest, no nothing! At least we still have the house. Anyway, 4 more open homes done since the first 2 and no buyer still. They all think it's pretty small - well, I'm blaming myself for that cause I picked huge furnitures for a 28 square home. We've sent out the massive coffee table to my in-laws' place so hopefully they won't think it's small anymore... This saturday they're gonna open it again and hopefully our dear homey will find it's new owner! Fingers crossed! :)

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